At Excelite, we strive to ensure all our swimming pool screen enclosures meet the international standards (both the American and European).

To attain this, we have incorporated a number of unique features that guarantee long service lifespan (more than 25 years), with a 15 year warranty o solid polycarbonate sheet.

Swimming Pool Screen Enclosures

A low profile swimming pool enclosure

We not only have standard designs, but also, our manufacturing process allows us to make custom designs.

That is, our team will help you conceptualize your design.

swimming pool enclosure from Excelite

Moreover, you can also choose from our visit our swimming pool enclosure gallery.

6 Main Features of Excelite Swimming Pool Screen Enclosures

These key features that are unique to Excelite swimming pool enclosure include the following:

1. Strong Structural Panel

We construct our swimming pool screen enclosure from aluminum alloy.

Dolle (Suzhou) is our main OEM partner for the aluminum rods.

Technicians in Dolle and Excelite work closely while testing and verifying quality of these rods to ensure they meet the ASTM standards for swimming pool enclosure construction.

Swimming Pool Screen Enclosures

Quality aluminum rods for swimming pool enclosure profile

Our company uses these aluminum to construct the rail tracking system and the cover for retractable swimming pool enclosure.

The reasons why we use aluminum include:

  •    Easy operation of the pool enclosure – both opening and closing.
  •    Ability to customize aluminum
  •    Lightweight and high strength
  •    Corrosion resistance

Unlike other swimming pool screen enclosure manufacturing companies that use low quality metals, Excelite products are 100% aluminum.

standard swimming pool enclosure

2. Vinyl Sweep Fixed on Each Section of Pool Enclosure

Dust, insects, grass or rain are some of the key elements we aim to prevent from entering your swimming pool area.

It is nearly impossible to use a swimming pool that does not have appropriate cover.

Swimming Pool Screen Enclosures

A swimming pool without pool enclosure with tree leaves

That is, you will waste a lot of time removing grass or insects at the expense of swimming.

Again, acid rain will also alter the normal pH of your swimming pool.

Since we aim to make 100% maintenance free swimming pool enclosures, all our equipment come with a 2-inch Vinyl sweep.

It seals off all drafts thereby, preventing all these unwanted particles from getting into your pool.

3.Glazing Material for Swimming Pool Screen Enclosure

We aim to have a stronger structure that can withstand high magnitude of weight and strong wind.

It is for this reason that we use solid polycarbonate sheet.

Solid polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable


Transparent solid polycarbonate sheet

A number of our swimming pool enclosures are constructed using an 8 mm polycarbonate sheet.

These sheets have anti-ultraviolet radiation filter, thus, neither is the pool water nor users are affected by these radiations.

This reduces the cost of buying swimming pool chemicals since there is no decomposition.

Again, they have better insulation property (R-Value).

Thus, the polycarbonate sheet prevents heat loss either through radiation, convection or conduction.

Three modes of heat transfer

How heat can be lost to the surrounding environment

When you go for this swimming pool screen enclosures, you will use the enclosure for at least 25 years.

4.Reinforced Track for The Enclosure

For all our swimming pool enclosure rail tracks, we use anodized aluminum rods.

Of course, we also obtain these aluminum rods from our OEM partner – Dolle (Suzhou).

Depending on the number of polycarbonate covers, you may have 3, 4 or 5.

Residential Swimming Pool Enclosure

They are designed such that the pool cover can slide back and forth effortlessly.

screen pool enclosure

Aluminum rail tracking system for pool enclosures

We reinforce them firmly on the pool deck to support the snow load (900kg distributed with 1.5m radius) and strong winds (230km/hr.)

Excelite Low profile swimming pool enclosure model F

With these tracks, you can close and open the pool enclosure within a minute.

5.Swimming Pool Screen Enclosures Edge Panel

For our high profile swimming pool enclosures, you will install edge panels at both ends.

In most cases, the enclosure section at the furthest end has a fixed edge panel.

This is because the section is rarely moved when opening and closing the pool enclosure.

pool enclosure model G

However, the second edge panel installed on the enclosure section, with the largest diameter, comes with a door that 36 inches.

This door acts as the main route into and out of the enclosure, unless the pool is fully opened.

Swimming pool enclosure locking mechanism

Drawing of an edge panel with the door locking mechanism

Again, this door also comes with a locking mechanism.

Tit helps pool owners to regulate usage of swimming.

Normally, this section is installed as a safety measure.

You can check out our swimming pool enclosure installation manual.

It will give you a clear picture on every component of the swimming pool enclosure.

6.Excelite™ Hardware and Fasteners

Normally, we use either stainless steel or aluminum for these hardware and fasteners.

Even the rivets are all approved by our manufacturing team.

We have tested all these fasteners to ensure they are compatible with our swimming pool screen enclosures.

That is, the coefficient of thermal expansion is nearly the same.


With all these in place, our swimming pool screen enclosures will definitely meet your specific requirements as far as performance and reliability is concerned.

You can contact us today in case you have any questions about Excelite swimming pool screen enclosure.