FEICON BATIMAT is a benchmark annual event in Latin America’s civil construction industry. The ideal meeting for major brands to generate business with their main resellers and distributors to introduce launches, products and new technologies.


In the meantime, Excelite proposed to launch the latest technology polycarbonate sheet, communicate, communicate, negotiate with the Chinese and foreign businessmen to come to exhibitors, will further expand the company’s visibility and influence in the international peer, but also further understanding of product features advanced, in order to better improve its product structure, give full play to its advantages.
During the period, the company to the delegates on the Exclite to the market leader, with “Make things Excellent” business philosophy, achieved sales in overseas performance, effectively improve the participating enterprises for comprehensive strength and understanding of cultural philosophy. In the exhibition hall, my company leadership and local customers had in-depth exchanges and posed for pictures.

The exhibition site, senior technical personnel of the company will be detailed to each guest answering questions, we will be the most sincere and warm welcome to new and old customers to visit our booth for consultation and negotiation!

Through this exhibition, our company and the number of enterprises at home and abroad to carry out extensive exchanges, deepen mutual understanding of the business field, technical strength, engineering performance, to enhance the company’s regional awareness, establish a good atmosphere of mutual trust and cooperation, complementary advantages and resources integration for the company’s future and the further development of the industry within the enterprise, realize the great leap forward development of enterprises, and create favorable conditions.
Excelite will continue with highlighting architectural, building, technological, and functional characteristics.


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