The polycarbonate U-lock system is an innovative technology which is used in the construction industry to facilitate the installation of polycarbonate roofs.

This equipment makes the installation process easier and it ensures that the final structure is also strong enough to withstand any external force such as wind which could exert higher magnitude of force on the structure.

They feature advanced technologies which ensure that the material lasts for a longer period of time.

A good example is the Excelite U-lock sheet systems which can remain effective and efficient for more than ten years.

These products are manufactured from super polycarbonate sheet with a high concentration of ultraviolet co-extrusion process which make them resistant to yellowing.

The U-lock PC sheet are self-extinguishing,they offer better sound and thermal insulation,transparent and 100% leakage-proof.

Ideally, they meet all the set standards and regulations for any material to be used in any locking system.


U lock system

What are some of the key benefits of the Excelite U-locking systems?

There are quite a number of products in the market with every manufacturer and retailer claiming that the products they manufacture or sell are the best.

This is not always true since most of them become faulty only after a short period of time.The U-locking polycarbonate systems possess the following key features:

100% leakage-proof

These equipment is manufactured using virgin polycarbonates. This is to ensure that they possess all the inherent properties of polycarbonate resin.

One fundamental property of any PC material is that they have a high degree of dimensional stability.

This implies that,their shape do not change with the fluctuating environmental conditions.This makes these materials 100% leak-proof.

In addition to this, PCs are intrinsically impact resistant materials therefore,they cannot be affected by any external force.

This makes the polycarbonate U-locking systems to remain intact at all times thereby preventing any form of leakage.

leakage polycarbonate roofing

Reduced costs of construction

The fact that this equipment has already been manufactured and it only requires one to insert it to lock the PC sheets .

Furthermore, the U-shape connect also reduces the entire building load. Normally, heavier structures will require more reinforcement which will ultimately increase the cost of construction.

Therefore, you should use this equipment to reduce these unnecessary costs.


the Excelite U-locking system is not a complicated item,it has only two parts which makes it easier and simpler to install. This reduces labor costs too while saving on time.

Aesthetic value

Generally, polycarbonates are transparent materials and therefore,using a transparent U-locking mechanisms will make the roofing structure to have an appealing look.

Avoid the use of sealants and aluminum layering since they’ll only make the roof or wall to have a boring structure with several “dark spots”.

In fact, some people may assume the screws are stubborn stains especially if they are used to construct skylights where they can’t be identified as screws easily.

They are safe

When other materials such as steel are used to fix polycarbonates, there are chances that the PC sheets may crack as the temperature fluctuates despite the fact that they are strong materials.

This is for the reason that the two materials have totally different coefficient of linear expansion.This disparity will cause a difference in the rates of expansion and contraction which will make the PC panels to crack after some time.

Using the polycarbonate U-lock systems is highly recommended since they have the same coefficient of linear expansion thus,they expand and contract uniformly.

This will ensure that the material remains intact without any lines of weakness or any signs of deformation.

They are self-extinguishing

Various experiments have proved that polycarbonate sheets can only burn at a temperature above 600°C. 

This is a pretty high temperature. Below this temperature, it will automatically extinguish itself. This implies that, instead of using sealants which will only spread fire to other sections in case of fire outbreak, it is advisable to go for the polycarbonate U-lock equipment.

Another good thing about this polycarbonates is that they do not produce toxic gases.

Temperature resistant

Unlike most sealants which will melt when they are exposed to high temperature,this locking equipment is dimensionally stable within a wide range of temperature hence,they are not affected with the variation in the environmental temperature.

During this period,their mechanical and chemical properties remain unchanged. In addition to these essential befits, they guarantee superior load capacity due to their strength and heat insulation.


U lock system project

Which features should you look for when you’re shopping for U-lock systems?


When you are shopping for these polycarbonate roofing materials, there are a number of parameters that you need to consider. Some of these may include:


They come in a wide range of thickness which vary between 8mm and 18mm.

The size will depend on the size of polycarbonate sheet you would wish to lock.Closely related to this is the average width of the polycarbonate sheets.

The best way to go about this process is by seeking help from a company which sells these items. Excelite will avail to you all the necessary information you need about this.


These items come in a wide range of colors such as opal,bronze,clear etc.Always go for one with a color which is similar to the sheet you would wish to lock together.

Light transmission

The degree of light transmission varies with both the shades and thickness.

For clear U-lock systems,the light transmission will be over 89% while for the brown types it will be less than 65%. Furthermore, as the thickness increases, the degree of light transmission also decreases.

For instance,the U-lock polycarbonate systems which are 18mm thick may transmit about 62% of light, while those that are 8mm thick will transmit about 68% of light.

You can seek advice from a reputable dealer before you make the final decision.


Of course, most of these materials are stronger however,it may vary depending on the manufacturing process which was used to produce the locking equipment.Always be sure to refer to the data sheet.

Other vital parameter include the UV protection,whether it is on one side or both sides.The cleaning procedure,degree of fire resistance etc.It is advisable to purchase those items which come with a warranty.


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