Frosted polycarbonate sheets can be treated differently to manipulate various properties with an aim of making them versatile like other polycarbonate panels.


matte polycarbonate finish


They are mainly treated to obtain a high level of frosted and glazing performance.

A number of a matte polycarbonate sheet features a translucent surface which offers a given level of privacy.

  • High impact resistance which makes them difficult to break
  • Lightweight there by reducing freight costs
  • UV protection which guarantees longer service life
  • High temperature resistance and light transmission of between 40% and 70%.

This is one of the main reasons why they are used as machine guards,indoor partitions,lighting roofing, advertising billboards and indoor decoration.

Matte sheet

Although most people would go for the smooth glossy surface,the matte polycarbonate finish at times becomes ideal for some glazing applications.

This is for the reason that they can control the amount light energy being transmitted.The matte elements disperse light,there by reducing the amount of light being transmitted significantly.

Polycarbonates are inherently colorless,it only during the manufacturing process that these features can be manipulated to meet the specific requirements of a given application.


GP polycarbonate solid sheet



In some scenarios,the operation involved in a polycarbonate matte finishing can be done during the melting process.

This where the matting agent is added to the molten solution of polycarbonate after which is taken through the extrusion process to form the matte polycarbonate sheet.

Although the process seems to be convenient,it has some disadvantages which include:

  1. They require special types of molds
  2. The surface which has been prepared from these agents are smooth feel and they only appear matted.
  3. Polycarbonate which is to be used specifically for covering light sources cannot be prepared using these agents since the matting agent absorbs light.



A number of matte polycarbonate finishes results into two main standard colors:red and yellow with a specific gravity of about 1.2 kg/m.

The width ranges between 1200mm and 2100mm with a thickness of between 1.5mm and 12mm.

All these features form a fundamental aspect for specifying matte polycarbonate sheets.

Of course,other physical and chemical properties such as soundproof,tensile strength,coefficient of linear expansion,notch impact strength,elongation yield and water absorption are other factors to consider.

chemical properties of Polycarbonates


You can get all these details from the polycarbonate panels’ data sheet.

The matte polycarbonate finish is one of the most common types of textured polycarbonate sheets. Others include the prismatic and embossed polycarbonate sheets.

The frosted polycarbonate sheets can really transform the general interior of a home.

This is mainly for the simple reason that it the matte polycarbonate finish which is in the form of very fine particles can scatter and diffuse light.


This results in “a soft” and uniformly distributed light. They are extensively being used in the construction industry to create elegant and hazy atmosphere.

They are being used as alternative roofing panels in quite a number of applications. The matte polycarbonate sheets possess all the desirable properties of polycarbonate materials.