There are quite a number of applications where glasses and acrylic panels have been used and ultimately failed since they could not withstand the harsh environmental conditions. Some of these conditions may include extreme environmental temperature, exposure to chemicals, fluctuating environmental temperature and vandalism amongst others. The polycarbonate glazing panels have proven to be the only solution to such situations due to their unmatched design flexibility, durability and structural integrity which can withstand all extreme environmental conditions. The polycarbonate glazing panels for general purpose come in a wide range of tints and designs to meet the specific requirements of different applications such as roof, greenhouse and skylight construction.

Some of the most commonly used PC panels include the hollow, solid, corrugated and textured polycarbonate sheets. They have their unique qualities which meet the criteria for general purpose applications. Normally, such panels should offer superior impact resistance, UV protection, abrasion resistance etc. The hollow polycarbonate sheets consist of the twin wall and the multi wall polycarbonate sheets. They are popularly known for their superior insulation properties. There is also the U lock system which also makes the installation process easier since they are strong, easier to maintain, with about 50µm of UV protection layer. They are used for natatorium swimming pools, industrial glazing, roofing etc.




Another common polycarbonate glazing panels include the polycarbonate solid sheets. They possess all the inherent befits of PC panels alongside additional benefits such as easy installation and cleaning; versatility, graffiti resistance, good visual effect for a number of LED covers etc. The most common products under this category include light diffuser sheets which can change the light propagation; anti-fog polycarbonate sheets which are dimensionally stable and static properties; hard coated PC sheets which are basically protected abrasion and scratch; GP polycarbonate sheets which are basically known as the safety glasses since they are virtually unbreakable, have high impact resistance and better optical clarity. Of course, there are those which can be used for general applications while other can be used for specific applications such as the anti-fog polycarbonate sheets.


polycarbonate glazing panels


The general purpose polycarbonate glazing panels have been professionally designed to meet the ever increasing and dynamic application demands.  Others include the textured polycarbonate sheets. Their surface has been modified to manipulate different inherent property of PC panels. One such property if the light transmission capability. The most common textured PC sheets include prismatic sheets which are translucent, UV stabilized and have a prismatic texture on one side.

The pattern basically optimizes the light diffusion property thus, high recommended for LED lighting, advertising and architectural lighting. The embossed sheets ensure uniform dispersion of light and it can transmit between 40% and 72%, thus; it is mainly for privacy glazing, roofing applications; industrial glazing; skylight, etc. Matte polycarbonate sheets have become some of the most popular polycarbonate sheets due to their high level of glazing and frosted performance. Besides, they are temperature stable, hence; they are mainly used in advertising, security glazing, indoor partition, machine guards etc.