Excelite Plastic Ltd. manufactures a wide range of pool screen enclosures.

There are both standard and custom made designs.

It is upon you to choose a specific pool enclosure design that meets your specifications.

Residential Swimming Pool Enclosure

Many at times, people find it difficult to decide on the type of pool screen enclosure they should buy.

In most cases, the question mainly comes to the height of the swimming pool.

As a matter of fact, during swimming pool enclosures specifications you must state the exact dimensions.

It is from this that a design will be tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements.

That is, length, width and height. You will concur with me that the first two dimensions are so obvious.

The problem comes when you need to specify the correct height of the enclosure.

swimming pool enclosure from Excelite

For both length and width, all you need is to determine the exact dimension of the swimming pool plus the allowance required as stated in pool safety guidelines.

When it comes to swimming pool enclosure height, there are a number of factors that play a pivotal role.

I will discuss them shortly.

Below are some of our three swimming pool enclosure designs.

You will realize that they vary in height (small, medium and large).

What is the main difference you can clearly see in the three designs?

Excelite swimming pool enclosure

Well, you can go for any swimming pool screen enclosures as long as you can afford it.

Whether it is a high or low enclosure.

It will all depend on your objectives and priorities.

The height, forms an integral aspect when evaluating swimming pool enclosure prices.

Definitely, a low pool screen enclosure will be cheaper than a high pool enclosure.

Features of Low Swimming Pool Screen Enclosures

Excelite Plastics Ltd. uses the same standards when it comes to the manufacturing process.

The main distinguishing factor here is the minimum internal height and the span of the swimming pool enclosure.

swimming pool enclosure intalling in Africa

You will realize that even the location of the entrance (swimming pool door) is also different from the high or large pool enclosures.

That is, it si located on the curved surface and not the extreme ends of the enclosure.

As you can see, the allowance around the swimming pool is so small that you can’t install a chair.

In fact, you may not be able to sit on the swimming pool deck.

Your head will definitely hit the roof of your enclosure.

Of course, they are manufactured from quality polycarbonate sheet.

The polycarbonate sheets can be tinted depending on one’s specifications.

They are constructed from 8 mm polycarbonate sheets with the ability to:

  1. Filter harmful UV radiation
  2. Maintain swimming pool water temperature
  3. Impact resistant – can withstand strong wind and heavy loading.
UV Coating

It blocks harmful UV radiation from the sun

The low height swimming pool screen enclosures come with a high performance retractable system.

The sliding rail tracking systems are constructed from extruded aluminum.

This allows the cover to slide seamlessly when closing and opening the pool cover.

standard swimming pool enclosure

These swimming pool enclosures are also fitted with:

  1. Vinyl sweep – to seal drafts thereby protecting swimming pool water from dust, rain or insects.
  2. Anti-dust sealer – it prevents algae, insects and mold from entering the channels.

In short, these are quality structures with all features of any Excelite swimming pool enclosure.

The only limiting factor is the small space available around your swimming pool.

You need to note the following key points about low swimming pool enclosures:

  • Cheaper as compared to a large enclosure of the same size.
  • Provides a small extra space within the pool
  • Possess all features of Excelite pool enclosures
  • Not as heavy as a high pool enclosure of the same length and width
  • Installation is easy and simple due to small size

However, for individuals who desire to have a fully equipped swimming pool should opt for a large enclosure.

In fact, as a swimming pool enclosure manufacturing company, we understand what every swimming pool owner craves for.

The ability to relax around the swimming pool, hold a party or have meals with friends.

This is why we advocate for high swimming pool enclosures.

Features of High Swimming Pool Enclosures

Our high pool screen enclosures are a perfect choice for anyone who wishes to make the environment around the enclosure more entertaining and lively.

You have enough space to include anything that you have ever dreamt of.

Can you imagine enjoying meals with friends around the swimming?

Or, having a party within the pool screen enclosure.

Pool screen enclosure

Enjoying meals within your pool screen enclosure

There’re so many screen enclosure design ideas you can choose from.

The good thing is, we shall customize the high pool enclosure to meet your desires.

Most people talk about the high cost.

Well, they may be slightly expensive as compared to the low swimming pool enclosure.

However, they are worth the investment.

Let me share with you some of the reasons why we insist on having high profile swimming pool enclosures

Focusing on price of pool enclosure; price vs. quality – go for quality first.

Don’t invest 2,999 bucks to deny yourself the pleasure of having a fully furnished enclosure.

You can add furniture, plants, beds or any decorations of your choice.

Does this look like something you’d wish to have?

A swimming pool enclosure with fe lights appear dim and dull

You have enough space to decorate your swimming pool enclosure

Enough space (length, width and height); you don’t have to worry about your swimming pool height anymore.

You can install a chair, jump in the swimming pool area or host a party?

Moreover, there will be enough space for air to circulate thus, the environment won’t seem stuffy.

Screen pool enclosures

High profile swimming pool screen enclosure

You don’t have to crawl when entering or leaving the swimming pool when the cover is closed.

You can’t notice dirt easily; the cover is high above your head, thus, you won’t notice the dirt more readily. Thus, you don’t have to clean the pool cover frequently.

NOTE: the high profile swimming pool covers possess all qualities of low profile covers.

They are designs to meet Excelite quality evaluation criteria.

The main difference here is an extra space.


I am not saying the low profile swimming pool screen enclosures are bad, the space above the head is sufficient, however, you don’t have an extra space to do other things.

It is for this reason that we recommended High profile swimming pool screen enclosures.

If you can afford it, then this is the best option.

Again, if you still have problems in choosing the right enclosure, you can contact us.

Our team will be happy to assist you.