The cost of a swimming pool enclosure depends on so many variables.

This may range from: design, functionality, choice of materials or region.

That is, manipulating any of these factors will definitely affect the total cost of the swimming pool.

According to research conducted in the U.S., the following figures were reported:

1.Minimum cost – $950
2.Maximum cost – $35,000
3.Average cost – $10,144

pool cover cost

Again, it was reported that most homeowners spend between $6,400 and $12,340.

As I stated earlier, this variation depends on so many factors.

Let’s begin by evaluating one obvious factor – size of the swimming pool enclosure.

Cost of  Swimming Pool Enclosure by Size

A large swimming pool will be more expensive than a smaller one. You can review the table below.
Size of the swimming pool Average cost

Small size – 3m by 6m $6,000
Medium size – 4m by 8m $8,000
Large size – 5m by 10m $10,000


NOTE: These are average costs of polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures manufactured by Excelite.

Cost of a Swimming Pool Enclosure Based on Material

The cost of material plays an integral role here.

Broadly, I will focus on two sections:

1. Structural part – the most common materials include wood, stainless steel and aluminum.

On average, metallic structure is more expensive than a wooden.

2. Glazing material – most homeowners opt for either glass or polycarbonates.

However, polycarbonate is a perfect choice in most applications due to its benefits.

Polycarbonate is two times more expensive than glass.

matte polycarbonate finish

Cost of Swimming Pool Enclosure Based on Design

There are so many designs in the market.

The complexity of a design will depend on your manufacturer’s creativity.

Obviously, a complex design will be more expensive than a simple one.

For instance, you may opt for a retractable swimming cover.

The cover can either be manual or automated.

Expect to pay more so such designs.

This is for the reason that, the automated types will require either electric motor or pulley mechanism to open and close the swimming pool.

Furthermore, there will be a need for an additional electric circuit.

All these will make the system expensive as compared to the manual pool enclosure.


swimming pool enclosure from Excelite

Other than the driving mechanism, what is the exact shape of the swimming pool roof?

You may opt for a flat, mansard, hip, peak or gable roof shapes.

As a matter of fact, constructing a flat roof will be cheaper than gable shapes.

That is, you may require additional reinforcement mechanisms that will increase its cost.

Whether a standalone or attached to the home designs. Standalone types are more expensive than those attached to houses.


Well, I have mentioned the driving mechanism, but this is not the only technology used in swimming pool enclosure systems.

There are those that may have HVAC or sensors (photo sensors or temperature sensors).

This is common for fully automated pool enclosures.

This will basically entire process more expensive.

May be this seem to be a broad way of analyzing the entire process.

But again, you will find most manufacturers will quote the price per square foot. That is:

Swimming pool enclosure description Cost per square foot in U.S. dollars
Screened 15 to 25
Aluminum 15 to 25
Glass 40 to 60
Retractable 50 to 200
A simple pool fence 100 to 1000

These are basically cost estimations. So, how should you go about the entire process?

You need to have both a good plan and a budget for the entire process.

Moreover, get assistance from an experienced swimming pool enclosure expert.

He/she will give you an exact quotation of the specific material and equipment you need.


There is no fixed price for the entire swimming pool construction process.

You need to decide on the amount of money you’re planning to spend on the swimming pool enclosure (between $950 and $35,000).

You will get so many options to choose from and that is the beauty of constructing a swimming pool enclosure, especially if you have a fixed budget.