A lot has been discussed about swimming pool screen enclosure prices/cost.

In fact, there are a number of online calculators developed specifically to estimate the price of these facilities.

However, most people have failed to address the budgeting process.

Below is an example of such tools:


It’s only through a proper swimming pool screen enclosure budget that you will be able to account for every resource at your disposal.

This includes:

  •    Construction materials
  •    Workforce/labor
  •    Time

These are the key aspects of the budgeting process.

So, how should you go about this process?

Here are 5 important steps to consider:

Learn from Other Pool Screen Enclosure Projects

This should form part of your research.

There are quite a number of swimming pool screen enclosures that have been constructed in the recent past.

In fact, the estimation of swimming pool enclosures is based on these prices.

Go for those swimming pool projects with nearly the same requirements and specifications as the one you’d wish to construct.

That is if you can’t get one that matches the exact specification as yours.

You need to ask yourself these simple questions:

  •    What was the approximate size of the enclosure?
  •    Which materials were used for the project?
  •    Where did they purchase the swimming pool enclosure construction materials?
  •    When was it constructed with reference to the season?
  •    Who were the contractors and suppliers of the equipment?

You need to examine all these aspects carefully as they will act as a reference point for on anything that you’d wish to incorporate in the swimming pool enclosure screen.

Timing is Crucial in Any Budgeting Process

What has changed from that time the project you were examining was constructed until now?

Well, cost of labor and material changes with time.

Again, you need to refer to the current market price of every item you want to include in the swimming pool enclosure.

Moreover, your budget should be time bound.

That is, specify the time you expect to purchase this equipment. This is to avoid price fluctuations due to changes in supply and demand.

Purchase all your swimming pool enclosure equipment during low seasons – maybe during summer.

The demand for a swimming pool enclosure is quite low, hence, manufacturers tend to offer incredible discounts.

Focus on The Core Costs First

List all the primary materials you need for the construction process.

You need to get an experienced contractor who can help you to determine the best material.

pool enclosure cost and plan

Normally, aluminum and polycarbonate sheets are a perfect choice for this job.

In most cases, swimming pool enclosure contractors determine the cost of swimming pool screen enclosures per square foot.

This includes that for the structure and glazing material.

Aluminum rods

Again, importing all materials from the factory can also be a better idea.

These companies will quote the best price that will include transportation cost.

Over the recent past, Chinese companies offer better deals when it comes to this.

Apart from materials, consider the current labor cost.

When there is high demand, especially when winter is approaching, cost of labor could be high.

Draft a Flexible Swimming Pool Screen Enclosure Budget

In case of any unexpected surprises, you should be able to adjust the budget to accommodate such changes.

Remember, the project management is a continuous process – from the time you have opted to construct the swimming pool enclosure through to completion.

A flexible budget does not mean you source for more funds to bridge these gaps.

All you require is the ability to tweak the budget to accommodate these changes.

Monitor And Review The Construction Process

Well, you may have a good budget, but still you need to monitor the swimming pool screen enclosure construction process is successful.

You need to review the usage of every resource.

Again, you may be required to adjust accordingly depending on the situation at hand.

aluminum frame

This is the only sure way to stay within your budget.

You should avoid unplanned work at all cost.

Normally, they will lead to cost overruns.


Budgeting for a new swimming pool screen enclosure is a challenging process.

However, when you consider these 5 steps, then it’s possible to get a good enclosure within the limited resources.

Consider hiring an expert to help you in the budgeting process.

This is handy if you are new to swimming pool enclosures.