construct a greenhouse


There are quite a number of materials which can be used as glazing materials in the greenhouse construction such as glass,polyethylene,polycarbonate and acrylic.To design and construct a greenhouse,you have to choose a glazing sheet which will optimize the greenhouse’s performance.This may range from having a longer lifespan,ability to control various environmental factors such as UV rays and low maintenance costs.In the recent past,most farmers have been opting for polycarbonate sheets for greenhouse due to the numerous benefits they offer such as lightweight,strength and ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

There are a number of factors you need to consider when you are planning to design and construct this important equipment using a polycarbonate sheet for greenhouse:

Choosing a panel

polycarbonate sheet for greenhouse comes in single,double or multi wall designs.The number of the panel’s wall will determine the amount of heat within the greenhouse and the sunlight energy which can penetrate through the walls of the greenhouse.For instance,a double-wall polycarbonate sheet can filter about 5% of the available sunlight while saving approximately 30% more heat than the single-wall polycarbonate panels.There are certain polycarbonate materials which have been treated with special substances thereby,improving some of these properties.A good example of such products is opal which can block over 50% of direct sunlight which can cause the burning effect.The remaining amount of sunlight energy is diffused within the greenhouse to be used by plants.

Some of the most common panels are about 48 by 72 inches however,you can have special order where you can indicate the size of greenhouse panel you would wish to construct.


construct a greenhouse

Installation tips

A polycarbonate sheet for greenhouse is lightweight in nature.For this reason,you can opt for do-it-yourself process. You should install only those panels with UV protection since pure polycarbonate materials are vulnerable to UV radiation.The panel should be capped since this is the only way to prevent moisture buildup.All joints should sealed using a sealant.A good company will recommend for you the best sealant.The nature or the number of process during this stage will determine the total cost of the installation process.Under normal circumstances,the ribs which separate the PC layers should run vertically.This will ensure that water drains properly from the panel.

Cutting polycarbonates

You should use a circular saw to cut larger PC sheets and a utility knife for smaller portions.You should have a tape measure since it’s only by taking accurate measurements that you will be able to avoid wastages which may due to approximation.As you cut the polycarbonate sheet for greenhouse,you need to hold it tight or if possible,use a clamp. This will avoid vibrations hence,high level of accuracy will be guaranteed.


polycarbonate sheet for greenhouse


In case you find it impossible to go about this process,then you should hire a greenhouse professional. Polycarbonates are expensive so you should avoid making any mistakes which will increase the cost of constructing a greenhouse.