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The energy cost has been a major concern for most polycarbonate users and manufacturers.Farmers spend a lot money heating their greenhouses during winter which increases the running cost significantly.Some polycarbonates are manufactured with heat guards which play a significant role in regulating the amount of heat energy passing through the polycarbonate sheet.

Whenever there is an excess of this heat energy,either being excessively hot or cold,there are measures which must be taken to reduce the situation to normal.For example,when a conservatory is too hot or cold,insulating a polycarbonate roofing system becomes really crucial.This is the main reason why most conservatory roofs are fitted with heat guards which is able to maintain almost a constant temperature through the seasons.Whether it is summer or winter.

Almost every polycarbonate manufacturing company is striving to produce energy efficient polycarbonate sheets considering that energy efficiency and sustainability key factor.Basically,the modern polycarbonate products aim at eliminating the use of artificial light and heating to promote efficient heating and cooling processes.


Insulating a Polycarbonate Roof

How can you eliminate the use of artificial heating systems?The normal polycarbonate resin can transmit allow over 90% of light energy to pass through.However,modifying the surface by making textured or embossed can reduce help to balance between the amount of heat energy and the light being transmitted.That is,it can reduce the amount of light being transmitted by over 40%.

Using multi wall polycarbonate has become a common practice in the construction of greenhouses.The multi-wall polycarbonate are famous for their superlative thermal insulation properties.The multi-wall polycarbonates sheets have an air space in between the polycarbonate sheets which act as an insulator.The degree of thermal insulation will be determined by two major factors;the size of air space between the sheets and the thickness of the individual sheets.Therefore,when it comes to insulating a polycarbonate roofing materials,the U values of the roofing material becomes a key issue which every manufacturer must analyze.Some manufacturer opt for U values which range between 1.9 W/m2K and 0.83 W/m2K. Such glazing sheets are considered to be the most energy efficient grades which are available in the market.

If a polycarbonate sheet’s degree of insulation can be within this range then it is even far much better than a number of triple glazing or even the argon filled-double glazing sheets.Apart from reducing energy consumption it reduces the carbon footprint within the internal section of the structure too.

Whenever you’re looking for a material which can retain much heat more so during winter,it is advisable to go for those with a lower U value.It is worth noting that,when you’re considering insulating a polycarbonate roof,much consideration should be based on the overall geometrical structure of the sheet.The geometrical structure will also improve the insulating properties of a polycarbonate sheet.For example,the multi-wall polycarbonate sheets with intermediate layers which feature intricate geometrical structure offer better insulation properties.