I know it is the desire of every individual to have the best sun pool cover installed as per the recommend building guidelines and codes.

However, this is not what every swimming pool owner do experience.

Sun Dome Pool Cover

Building codes for a swimming pool dome covers

In the swimming pool enclosure market that is flooded with fly-by-night sun dome pool cover contractors, it becomes nearly impossible to choose the best contractor for this job.

In most cases, end users find it difficult to find even the correct answers to swimming pool enclosure questions. This is quite pathetic.

Why do I say so?

Most contractors I have personally interviewed revealed that they experience a high turnover with their staff.

As a result, they struggle to maintain good quality or work ethics.

By the end of it all, it is the consumer who suffers.

Sun Dome Pool Cover

Dome pool cover construction site

I have also noted with great concern that as people shop for good contractors for their sun dome pool covers, they really don’t invest much in doing an extensive research.

It does not make any sense to hire contractor without a brick and mortar location.

Throughout this article, I will share with some hiring tips that you should have in mind as you look for a qualified swimming pool contractor.

Hiring Tips for a Sun Dome Pool Cover Contractor

Qualification, experience and expertise

Let me tell you one secret.

You will find that most swimming pool enclosure contractors tend to specialize.

That is, they can specialize either on dome pools or retractable enclosures.

Therefore, you should ensure that the contractor has experience in installing dome pool covers.

First, you need to find out how many dome enclosures they have installed in the past.

Only hire a contractor after you’re sure that they can do a good work.

Through this, you will definitely tell their level of experience and expertise.

Sun Dome Pool Cover

Ability to interpret all building codes and technical drawing

Again, the pool dome contractor must have gone through some specialized type swimming pool cover installation training.

Without this education, how will they interpret the building codes in the first place?

The contractor should produce an evidence (authentic certificate) to prove that they have actually attained the necessary qualifications.

Evaluate The Qualification of Their Staff or Subcontractors

Honest, reputable swimming pool installation companies are always overwhelmed with the orders they receive.

Thus, it is not something mysterious to find a company subcontracting the work.

It is this simple, a swimming pool contraction company should be as good as the company people who assign these tasks (subcontractors or staff).

In case you have to deal with subcontractors, make sure they are fully licensed and they possess all the necessary insurance.

Sun Dome Pool Cover

Qualified technician fixing edges of polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure

For quality control during the dome pool installation process, I prefer a company with its own staff.

This makes it easier for any supervisory work.

The contractor that is duly certified/accredited by the relevant authorities

Though most people ignore this fact, it’s an important aspect.

There are many organizations and associations such as: the National Spa and Pool Institute (NSPI), the Swimming Pool & Allied Trades Association, the Association of Pool & Spa Professional, etc.


Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association (SPATA) home page

In short, find out which swimming pool organizations or associations exist within your locality.

You can use this as a guide to choose a better contractor.

Dome enclosure contractors that are members of these professional bodies are mandated to provide satisfactory work for all its clients.

So, you need to go to those contractors that are members of these organizations and associations.

This way, you will not fall a victim of fly-by-night swimming pool enclosure contractors.

Try contacting their past clients/customers

There are many avenues to get reviews about various sun dome pool cover contractors.

For instance, those who live in the U.S. can visit the Better Business Bureau.

You will access all information pertaining to all their services.

However, this alone is not enough.

Try reaching out to previous customers who have worked with the company before.

If that the contractor cannot mention any of their past customers, be sure that is a scrupulous swimming pool enclosure contractor.

Avoid him/her like a plague.

Let the contractor provide you with a contract documentation of their previous work.

Pick about 5 to 6 customers at random.

Ask them about their previous experience with the contractor you are just about to hire.

Get to know the nature of complaints and past experiences with the past customers.

From this, you will learn how to deal with the contractor in case you sign a deal together.

The sun dome pool contractor should have valid documents

This is the only way to prove that you are working with a genuine company.

This should include valid license, insurance and academic papers.

Remember, if things did not go the way you expected, then you should be entitled to some amount of compensation.

This will only be possible if you have a copy of worker’s compensation and liability insurance.

Don’t just take these papers for it.

You can call the agent to be sure that the papers are actually genuine.

Also, don’t forget to request for dome pool cover contractor credit rating and to confirm the number of lawsuits.

Many lawsuits are an indication that the credibility of the contractor can be doubted.

Companies with valid documents are responsible for any damage caused during the dome pool cover installation process.

It doesn’t matter the damage was due to negligence or accidentally.

They should be responsible for any repairs.

Sun dime pool cover construction cost

How much will it cost to construct the dome pool cover?

Well, sun dome pool cover contractors have different rates.

Normally, there are two extremes – too cheap or expensive.

As a rule of thumb, you request for price quotation from a number of contractors.

However, as you go through this process, it is important that you don’t compromise quality simply because you want to pay less money.

You should do research to find out how much it cost to construct the pool enclosure.

That is, the average prices based on market conditions.

Again, you need to agree on a payment terms – may be 5% to 7% upfront fee.

All these should be indicated in your terms of contract.

Terms of contract is a vital document that can be used in legal cases in case the contractor fails to honor the agreement.

Lastly, you should agree on a time frame within which you expect the job to be completed.


In short, to hire a qualified sun dome pool cover contractor, you need to consider: qualification, experience, review past jobs, valid papers and terms of contract.

These may seem so obvious but most people do ignore and they end up getting substandard work done.

Are finding it difficult to get the best contractor?

Well, you can contact your technical team today.