How to Install the Aluminum Polycarbonate Profiles


The aluminum polycarbonate profiles are valuable accessories when it comes to the installation process of various polycarbonate sheets. In most cases, the polycarbonate sheet supplies do supply both the polycarbonate sheets with these valuable accessories.  It is important that one goes for those accessories which have been manufactured by the same company since compatibility is a major concern for the effectiveness of all the polycarbonate products. It is only through proper choice of these profiles that one can realize properly sealed structures, have the job done quickly and safely. More importantly, the roofing contractor should be knowledgeable and possess enough experience to use all the glazing systems. Improper installation may lead to accidents and possible legal action to be taken against the contractor.

Normally, aluminum profiles feature the following main properties: they are strong to withstand heavy loads, are water tight, they can be installed easily and have a good aesthetic appearance. This basically implies that they add value to the entire structure.

Glazing using the aluminum polycarbonate profiles

Before you begin the installation process, you need to ensure that the aluminum profiles you would wish to use are those that have been manufactured by the company which supplied the polycarbonate panel. In case the company doesn’t have their aluminum profiles, then you should only go for those that have been recommended by the company. This is because using compatible products is the only way you can obtain a sturdy, sealed and quiet surface. As a rule, you should always refer to the data sheet and the installation manual which the sheet comes with.

These profiles should be attached to the structure using screws at certain intervals which is specified by the polycarbonate sheet and profile manufacturer. This is mainly done to eradicate the need for piercing the sheet since this can damage the sheet more so if one you don’t have experience.


 Install the Aluminum Polycarbonate Profile


It is a very simple process which encompasses the following key processes:

  1. You need to connect the angle brackets to the structure using self-drilling screws which should be placed at a predetermined distance on both sides of the angle bracket. And insert the end of the profile into the angle bracket.
  2. You should attach the end profile to the base profile using the recommended screws.
  3. Drill holes on the bottom end of the profile at certain intervals (say ten inches); other holes on the center of the cap profile after which you should insert the gaskets of the cap and base profiles.
  4. Once this is done perfectly, insert the polycarbonate sheet onto the base and end profile while attaching the second base profile to the edge of the polycarbonate sheet. You should finally attach the cap profile using the recommended screws. This process should be repeated until the whole area is covered by the sheet.

This procedure may vary slightly depending on the design of the aluminum polycarbonate profile; a reason why you must always refer to the manufacturer’s data sheet and the installation manual.