When you adopt a proper maintenance procedure for your pool dome cover, they will remain as good as new.

As a result, you will get all the benefits of dome covers such as longer swimming hours and almost zero maintenance cost.

pool dome cover

                             Cleaning a swimming pool without a dome cover

I am sure this is what every pool owner craves for.

In most cases, people only think that cleaning pool dome is enough.

Here, I will teach you how to go about this process in simple steps.

In fact, these are mainly DIY swimming pool dome cover maintenance procedure.

Recommended Pool Dome Cover Maintenance & Care Processes

To increase the lifespan of your swimming pool cover, it is important that you consider the following:

  1. Inspect and clean pool cover

A dirty dome cover is unpleasant to the eye.

Moreover, it could also be a health hazard. Can you imagine a situation where an enclosure has accumulated dust for more than 2 months?

How does it look like in the first place?

I will not lie to you.

Cleaning pool dome cover is the most basic care and maintenance procedure.

Generally, you need to a mild soap and water mixture.

Use a soft bristle brush or sponge to scrub the surface of the pool cover.

Residential Swimming Pool Enclosure

Scrub the surface gently and slowly without exerting much force on the surface.

Remember, excess force may cause wear and tear.

After you have cleared all the stains, rinse the cover with soap free water and allow it to dry.

The choice of detergent will solely depend on the type of stain you want to deal with.

That is, some stains may require intensive cleaning while others may not.

Take for instance, the ordinary dust and mold.

These two stains require different cleaning process.

You can learn more about pool cover cleaning techniques.

  1. Assess and clean aluminum fixtures

It is nearly impossible to find aluminum fixtures for any pool dome cover that does not have mold.

As I highlighted earlier, cleaning molds on the pool enclosure surface require better cleaning techniques.

Most people talk of using bleaching chemicals.

It is important that you understand key features of extruded aluminum.

Aluminum is corrosion resistant, however, it corrodes when subjected to certain chemicals.

So, you have to be careful.

pool dome cover

Swimming pool enclosure manufactured from high quality aluminum rods

Well, you can use bleaching agents.

However, the biggest question is, how much of it do you require?

swimming pool enclosure from Excelite

Remember, a pure bleach may discolor the extruded aluminum.

This could make your pool dome cover look horrible.

You need to mix bleach with water.

In most cases, a mixture of white vinegar and water can kill and remove all molds.

Remember, you only require a little amount of vinegar to kill the molds.

I have seen a number of homeowners arguing that much vinegar is better.

This is an assumption that does not hold.

This is the reason why mostly I recommend that people should only use a mixture of mild soap and water.

Let me remind you of one simple fact.

May be, you have forgotten.

Every pool dome cover come with a warranty.

Excelite swimming pool enclosure

When you use inappropriate cleaning procedures your 15-year warranty will be invalid.

Thus, you will have to pay for any pool enclosure maintenance cost.

This is not what we hope for as pool enclosure manufacturers.

At times, swimming pool dome cover owners may opt to paint aluminum.

Well, you will cover the mold. Note that, this won’t change anything.

In fact, I consider painting to camouflage mold to be a waste of time and money.

I always like it when people adopt practices that can save them both time and money.

It is this simple. Cleaning swimming pool dome cover on regular occasions will eradicate the possibility of molds on your pool enclosure.

  1. Scare ducks and birds from perching or sleeping on your pool dome cover

Well, ducks and bird perch on you pool dome enclosure, they pee on these surfaces.

This may result in semi-permanent marks.

When you live near a forest and you will have to scare birds away.

You can have an aggressive dog or cat on site.

This will scare birds and ducks away.

Alternatively, you may tape record a dog backing or purchase a fake life size horned owl.

You can activate them during the day to scare both birds and ducts.

The modern swimming pool dome covers have a motion sensor.

The sensor detects and motion above the pool covers and triggers and alarm or hooting sound that scares away these animals.

  1. Regular inspection on stability and strength of dome cover

You need to tighten any loose joint on your aluminum dome structure.

Normally, weak or loose joints can be catastrophic.

That is, the pool dome cover can easily be blown away by wind.

Or, it can crumble when subjected to a small amount of weight.

pool dome cover

                                                              Cleaning a swimming pool without a cover

Start by inspecting the base of the enclosure.

Assess each rod to ensure that it is strong enough.

Remember, the intensity of this process will depend on your swimming pool dome cover design.

  1. Use the pool cover for the right purpose

It is ridiculous to find people hanging their clothes or belonging to pool dome covers.

This is not acceptable.

In fact, the loose joints are due to hanging things on the pool cover.

pool dome cover

                                            Swimming pool enclosure joint

In most cases, you will realize that the pool cover will start tilting towards one direction.

That is, where there is more weight.

  1. Adopt proper handling techniques

Did your pool dome cover manufacturer give you a manual or set of instructions?

Have you read them?

If you haven’t, then create some time to do so.

What I am trying to say is:

You should handle the pool cover as recommended by the manufacturer.

This will not only make your pool cover to last for long, but also make your warranty valid for the stipulated time frame.


Only a well-maintained pool dome cover can last for years.

Otherwise, you should be prepared to purchase a new one after a few months.

As much as pool covers are built to last, carelessness reduces their lifespan.