Maintain Polycarbonate Connecting Profile


There are a number of polycarbonate connecting profiles which are used in roofing and glazing applications.  These profiles come in unlimited lengths, lightweight, simplicity in the installation process and maximum light transmission.

Like polycarbonate panels and sheet, there is need of adopting better maintenance and care procedures since this is the only way to ensure that they have a longer lifespan. This should be a continuous process throughout the entire lifespan of the polycarbonate profiles. The simplest maintenance procedure is cleaning the polycarbonate sheets with the right cleaning agents.

Installing polycarbonate connecting profiles is a very sensitive procedure which should be carried out diligently to avoid chances of messing up with the surface of these essential equipment.  Some of the most common care and maintenance procedures involved in the installation process include:


How to Maintain Polycarbonate Connecting Profile


  1. The polycarbonate profiles should be installed with the solar protected surface facing outside. This is for the case of polycarbonate profiles with only one side coated with the UV-protection layer. However, there are circumstances where both surfaces have been coated with the solar protection layer. This layer protects the profiles from degrading whenever they have been exposed to the UV light. Under normal circumstances the manufactures use certain symbols to indicate the section which should face out (exposed directly to the sun).
  2. You need to couple the cap to the base of the base profile. They should be coupled to the entire length which has been indicated by the polycarbonate connecting profiles’ manufacturer.
  3. As you calculate the rebate depth; you need to give an allowance for thermal expansion. This is also an important maintenance procedure because; if there’s no allowance for expansion, when the temperature is high; they will tend to bend which may loosen the fittings.
  4. Inclination angle is also very important. This will facilitate drainage hence, neither water nor moisture will accumulate on the polycarbonate connecting profile.


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Apart from these four factors, another important aspect to consider is bending the polycarbonate profile.(check how to bend polycarbonate sheet) Normally, they should only be bent up to the minimal radius which is permitted by the polycarbonate sheet. Forcing it to go beyond a certain radius will only result into micro-cracks which will interfere with the solar protection layers and the abrasion resistant coating. This will only make the profiles to degrade at a faster rate.

You need to follow the basic installation procedures which have been recommended by the manufacturer of the connecting profile. These procedures have been tested and certified by the manufacturer to be safe for the installation process. Failure to follow these instructions will only result into improper handling of the polycarbonate profiles and the manufacturer will not be blamed for this. This is one of the main reason why it is highly recommended that you hire those individuals or companies which have a lot of experience in this particular area. It is one of those essential maintenance procedure which most people tend to ignore. The polycarbonate connecting profiles can only serve the intended purpose optimally if you follow the due maintenance procedure as recommended by the manufacturer.