Old residential swimming pool enclosures tend to have a number of recurring problems.

This makes them expensive to maintain. Some of the main challenges with such pool include:

1. Replacing pool covers every year.
2. Pool users are exposed to UV radiation and,
3. Rusting of the enclosure structural components

In such situation, remodeling your old pool enclosure could be the only viable option.

Excelite swimming pool enclosure

To ensure the whole process runs successfully, you need to adopt a clear guideline.

As a matter of fact, swimming pool enclosure make-over can be an expensive process.

This will depend the basic components you’d wish to incorporate in the pool.

swimming pool enclosure

Steps in Residential Swimming Pool Enclosure Remodeling

Step 1 – The Process Should Have a Plan

You need to have a plan on how you intend to carry out the entire process.

Some of the crucial aspects you need to include are:

1. New design and features to incorporate.
2. Have a definite time frame to complete the work.
3. Identify materials you intend to use
4. Identify a remodeling contractor

swimming pool enclosure drawing

Since this may seem to be a technical process, you will be required to hire experienced swimming pool enclosure remodeling contractor. He/she will help you to make the right choices.

Step 2 -It is Important That You Budget

The cost of residential swimming pool remodeling may vary depending on the following main factors:

1. The size of the old pool enclosure you want to demolish.
2. New features and technology to be included in the new design
3. Workforce required to complete the remodeling process.


It is important that you do feasibility studies to ensure that the remodeling process makes some economic sense.

With all these in mind, you can begin the pool enclosure remodeling process.

Step 3 – You Should Prepare for The Remodeling Process

Ensure that the region around the swimming pool will only be accessible to the contractors.

As a safety measure, no one should be allowed to use the swimming pool until the pool enclosure remodeling process is complete.

Inform all your family members and put a notice that can be used as a reminder.

Step 4 – Dismantle The Old Swimming Pool Enclosure

Now that you intend to install a new residential swimming pool enclosure, you need to dismantle all sections of the old one.

Sort all these sections to make the process more organized.

dismantle the old swimming pool enclosure

You need to inspect every component, while separating damaged sections from those that can be reused.

Reusing some of these sections will save you on the remodeling costs.

Step 5 – You Should Clean The Pool Deck

Clean the swimming pool deck and assess the rails where the sliding polycarbonate enclosure was sliding on.

You need to assess these the rails to ensure they are also in good working condition.

Otherwise, the only viable option is to replace them.

Step 6 – Begin The Pool Enclosure Construction Process

Depending on the shape of the enclosure, you should start with the main structural components.

You should assemble one part at a time as you inspect every section.

Be sure to reinforce the structural components where necessary.

shape of swimming pool enclosure

Step 7 – Install The Polycarbonate Sheet (Glazing Material)

With appropriate supportive mechanisms, install polycarbonate sheet.

Start with the extreme end as you move to the next. This should be a systematic process.polycarbonate-solid-sheet

In the case of sliding or retractable residential swimming pool enclosures, try sliding sections of the pool enclosures over the other.

You need to ensure that there is no possibility of one section scratching the other.

Repeat this process until the process is complete.

Step 8 – Add All The Necessary Accessories

These may include automatic door locking mechanisms or any other accessory such as the automatic closing and opening electrical systems.

You may include chairs or other decorations such as plants.

swimming pool Enclosure View 01

Step 9 – Inspect All Sections And Test Whether They Are Functioning as Required

Try opening and closing the door to be sure the locking mechanisms is actually working.

Slide various layers of the swimming pool cover over each other. It should be a smooth movement.

NOTE: The complexity of this process will depend on the design of the swimming pool enclosure.

This is basically a manually operated swimming pool cover.

For those with automatic closing mechanism, the process will be slightly complicated.

That is, when it comes to installing the electrical systems.

When you observe these 9 steps, you will install a swimming pool enclosure within a short period of time.

All you need to do is stay organized, choose the right tools and observe the recommended safety measures.