We understand that an avid grower needs and efficient commercial greenhouse, which can reduce his/her total expenses by over 37%. This is the only surest way to maximize on their profits.
There are quite a number of factors you should evaluate to achieve this goal. The choice of different construction materials play a significant role in this process.

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They’ll determine the amount of energy, light and insulation a particular crop requires. It is for this reason that Excelite Plastics Ltd. has been focusing in producing polycarbonate panels, hardware fasteners, aluminum extrusions and profiles.

The materials used in the commercial greenhouse construction


This is the most common material used to make a greenhouses.

Aluminum is light and corrosion resistant. It can withstand adverse climatic conditions. In addition to these, aluminum can be custom made to suit different environments.Check more benefits of aluminum.

It can be painted or anodized depending on the desired situation. This material has superior mechanical properties with high insulation heat insulation properties.

How to Install the Aluminum Polycarbonate Profiles
The aluminum conduits are strong and available in different configurations. The material can be fabricated easily reducing any addition processing costs onsite.

Closely related to this, is the aluminum extrusions. They are available in different configurations such as the A-frame, arch and the multipurpose types.

aluminum extrusions
So, how can it result in significant cost saving?

The lightweight makes the installation process easier thus, you don’t need heavy machines. They have good mechanical strength hence, there is no need for further reinforcements, which can increase the installation costs.

Since aluminum is aging resistant, the commercial greenhouse structure can remain in good shape for a long period of time. This reduces the maintenance costs associated with a greenhouse.

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More importantly, this metal do not rust therefore, it is not affected by moisture. This maintains the integrity of the commercial greenhouse for a long period of time.
Glazing material is yet, another important factor to consider. Polycarbonates are the most common sheets used in commercial greenhouse construction.

They possess excellent mechanical, optical and thermal properties. Over 67% of the modern commercial greenhouses have a polycarbonate glazing material.

They are available indifferent configurations such as the multi-wall, corrugated and textured.

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The available polycarbonates can transmit over 85% of light while others can be modified to diffuse light. They have about 50 micron UV protection layer and remain effective within a temperature between -40 and +120°C.

They are also 80 times stronger than the glass panels.

How can you save about 37% by installing these greenhouses?

Polycarbonate has a lightweight panel thus, the structure may not require further reinforcements of the aluminum structure. This makes the installation process easier.

You will not require much labor force or heavy machineries to install these panels.

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Fabricating polycarbonate is easier as compared to the glass panels. They can be cut and bent without breaking. This reduces the cost associated with various forming process.

Furthermore, polycarbonates are some of the best thermal insulators. The multiwall polycarbonates can regulate the amount of heat moving in and out of the greenhouse.

This reduces the heating costs. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in winter or summer, you’ll get one, which suits all your requirements.

The commercial greenhouse accessories

This is another important equipment in the greenhouse construction. The available polycarbonate sealants and gaskets have been designed specifically for these glazing sheets.

They are inert thus, they do not affect the greenhouse panels.

polycarbonate greenhouse panels
These accessories have been designed to protect the hollow panels. This reduces the maintenance costs, which are likely to hamper production. They have an excellent sealing effect and they are also easy to install, hence cost effective.


The screws are handy when installing a greenhouse. They have been tested to meet high quality standards. They are eco-friendly, possess good heat resistance, have good insulation property and are easy to install.

How can you get these materials?

You can get all these essential commercial greenhouse kits at Excelite Plastics Ltd. All you need to do is to request for a quote, which they’ll provide you with for free. All products are shipped globally in a timely manner.

How can you save cost by choosing the right lighting system?

Quantifying the amount of energy used to operate a greenhouse is a critical factor to consider. In most circumstances optimizing the amount of light and reducing energy consumption have been some of the key factors to be considered.

Multi-wall Polycarbonate Greenhouse
The textured and multiwall polycarbonate panels are apparently being used to construct commercial greenhouses.
Saving energy used to run a greenhouse and optimizing light diffusion is a step by step process. You can save 1.3%, or 1.7% every day. This is pretty good. Cumulatively, by the end of the growing season, you shall have saved a lot.

The farmer should consider the following ideas:

1. Conduct structural check

This ensures that all the openings such as the accessing doors and louvers must be properly sealed whenever they have been closed. The exhaust fan should be sealed during winter.
A growing zone is an important section in a greenhouse. To save at least 1.3% extra energy,ensure the growing zones are separated.

A commercial greenhouse structure is such a large facility. Not all sections will require the same amount of energy. This will take you back to the green house planning process.

2. The ventilation systems

They’ll allow the both heat and light in the greenhouse. Opt for that structure, which can maximize natural convention. You won’t spend even a penny on ventilation costs when you opt for this. That is, you’ll save close to 87% of energy.

There are those with the roof vents, it can help to pull out hot air.

Normally, the forced ventilation systems require a lot of energy. You need to evaluate the design and the location of the rollup side and side intake vents, especially those installed on the windward side of the greenhouse will improve your ventilation.

ventilation systems

3. The heating system

There are very many types of heating systems. The condensing boiler is one of the most efficient heating equipment.

They are 93% more efficient than the conventional systems. The system should be maintained regularly, plumbing systems insulated and the control system monitored.

4. The light checks

Your plants require light, but do you even think of how to optimize this?

The light reflective material play a fundamental role here. The modern greenhouses have light colored materials and a good example is the aluminum rod.

They’ll ensure that the greenhouse reflects valuable light. Conversely, the absorbing surfaces will deprive your plant this essential property.
Reflecting light will ensure that the growing zone has consistent light with very little shadow. The sun’s energy will also help to heat the commercial greenhouse. It will also save you from spending more on energy, especially during cold months.
A number of commercial greenhouses are designed with some climate control systems. These systems help to adjust various factors in the greenhouse to meet the required standards as per the surrounding environment.

At any given point, you’ll have to adjust the venting, shading, heating and lighting settings. They all play an important role when it comes to energy saving.

greenhouse made of polycarbonate sheet
Putting all these together, it’s worth noting that controlling the amount of light and heat energy is crucial in saving more than 37% in commercial greenhouses.

How should you construct a commercial greenhouse?

The construction process will determine how much you can save when the greenhouse is being used.

There are basic factors that you need to consider as you consider some of the best commercial greenhouse plans available.

These key aspects include the following:

1. Where do you want to install your greenhouse?

You should ensure that the greenhouse receives maximum light. This will also increase the crop yield. This is a simple process.

You should ensure that the ridge of the green house runs from north to south for the southern latitudes. On the other hand, for the northern latitudes, the ridge of the greenhouse should run from east to west.

This will save the farmer from spending more money on heating the greenhouse simple because it is not receiving enough light.

2. There should be no obstacles such as houses near the greenhouse.

If there is no space and they have to be installed around certain objects, then it should be three times taller than the object. Of course, this helps to eliminate unnecessary shade. They will hamper quality production.

Polycarbonate Sheet for Greenhouse
3. The greenhouse should be sheltered from any strong wind and the soils should be well drained.

You should avoid having any slop beds. This helps to reinforce the overall structure of the greenhouse. It eliminates chances of installing a new one.

4. Enough turn-around area, parking and access roads.

This is crucial during harvesting.

5. Evaluate every single component individually and try to establish the overall efficiency in cost saving.

That is, the aluminum structure, polycarbonate glazing sheet, ventilation and the control systems. This is a sure way to know an approximate amount of money you can save during the process.
In most cases, you’ll find the planning process to be tedious and challenging. Don’t get discouraged, you need to contact a commercial greenhouse supplies company. They’ll help you to solve this common problem.
It is important to choose the right structure since each greenhouse structure has its unique advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most common structures include: the A-frame, Quonset, dome shape, slant side and gable roof designs.
Safety is important during the installation process. Every individual onsite must have the necessary safety gadgets. This will save you from treating your employees who might have been injured during the installation process.

Running the commercial greenhouse effectively

Operating a greenhouse is a challenging process and the farmer has to sacrifice a lot of resources to get the product he/she wants.

To people who are new to this agricultural technique, it can be really cumbersome. To make your dreams come true, it’s important to maintain optimal operating condition no matter the outdoor weather condition.
Learning some of the basic ideas can be instrumental in achieving these goals such as growing exotic plants and vegetables all year round.
When you want to venture in this business, it’s important to consider all the available types of greenhouses and their benefits. Remember, they come in different sizes and designs.

To operate a greenhouse effectively without incurring losses, you need to consider the following key components:

1. The ventilation systems

You need to learn how to stabilize the temperature within the greenhouse. The required temperature should be between 80 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

To save on the operational costs, the commercial greenhouses have been designed to harness maximum amount of sun energy. At the same time, they should regulate this heat within the desired range.
It is for this reason that various vents have been installed in the greenhouse. It is advisable to use the manual system of natural convection to regulate its temperature.

This is because they are cheap. So how can you achieve cheap and effective ventilation system? You need to prop open windows during hot weather or use stand fans to circulate the air.

2. The shade cloth

These are rolls or dark or green materials. They can be rolled up and down like windows to adjust light and temperature level. You can use the shade cloths to cool temperatures during summer, they can be used to increase the amount of light.

greenhouse shade cloths

3. Controlling humidity

Most plants require about 50% humid air. To increase humidity, you need to: use pebbles below the plants, the trays can be filled with water covering the pebbles and marble chips can be used.
4. In case you’ve opted for a commercial greenhouse with benches, then the wooden benches should have trays to keep wood free from moisture.

On the other hand, the steel benches should have a mesh to allow for drainage.
It is also important to observe the main growing seasons. That is, you need to plant crops based on a particular season. This is a key factor when it comes to reducing costs.

That is, if you grow the summer crops during winter, you’ll spend a lot of money trying to heat the greenhouse. On the other hand, growing summer crops during winter will imply that you spend a lot of money trying to cool the commercial greenhouse.You can save more than 37%.

Even through the commercial greenhouses has quite a number of advantages, there are challenges that the farmer must be prepared to deal with.

For instance, molds, viruses and fungi love humid environment such as that of the greenhouse. Maintaining air circulation can be a nightmare especially for those without the temperature and humidity sensors.


Greenhouse guarantee quite a number of benefits. However regulating the essential parameters such as temperature, humidity and light will determine the amount of produce and profits a farmer makes.



The operational costs of a commercial can be reduced to more than 37% only if effective measures are put in place. That is, proper ventilation system, temperature control, etc.

In addition to these, purchasing these products from reliable and genuine suppliers like Excelite Plastics Ltd. will also guarantee success.Click here to contact our support team now .