Apart from meeting the specific requirements for any polycarbonate use; the total cost (purchase and installation) play a significant role when it comes to decision making. A number of people mainly focus on the initial costs of the investment forgetting other crucial costs such as the maintenance cost. Since other products such glass and acrylic panels are cheaper than textured polycarbonate panels; they will most definitely opt for either glass or acrylic panels. It is worth noting that polycarbonate is cheap in the long run since it can remain intact for years while still providing optimal services than the two.


Textured Polycarbonate Panels

1.Purchase process

cost saving begins from the point you visit a polycarbonate supplier demanding for these products. There are very many companies in the market which have ventured in this business. You should only purchase these products from companies which offer quality products at affordable prices. Buying textured polycarbonate panels in bulk is also a noble idea since you may be lucky to get some discount. You need to explain all the specifications you desire just to be sure that you acquire the right product for the purpose for which it is intended for. In situations where “soft light” is required; you will have no option but to go for the textured polycarbonate panels.

2.Choosing the polycarbonate sheet

when your main objective is to save significant amount of money, then; you should begin focusing on long term benefits of these products. These sheets come in different designs. You can opt for the multi-wall polycarbonate sheets since they have been designed to offer one of the best insulation property. If you opt for such a product you should be sure to save more than 15% of the energy consumption which will ultimately result in significant cost saving.

3.Installation process

failure to follow instruction will make your warranty be null and void. You need to follow the recommended installation procedure. You should use only those accessories such as the locking systems which have been approved by the manufacturer. You may have some of the best textured polycarbonate sheets, however; they will not serve you for a long period of time.


you should maintain your textured polycarbonate panels to make them efficient. One of the most common maintenance procedure is keeping the sheet clean at all times. When the polycarbonate sheet is clean then you will get maximum returns. However, you should use the recommended cleaning agents which have been tested and approved to be efficient. One unique feature with these types of polycarbonate sheets is that; they tend to camouflage scratches which may develop on the surface as the anti-abrasion coating becomes ineffective.


Textured Polycarbonate Panel


The textured surface which may be embossed, prismatic or matte are mainly designed to manipulate the behavior of light on the surfaces of these panels. The textured planes possess all the desirable chemical and physical properties of the general purpose polycarbonate panel. They are eco-friendly since they can be thermoformed (recycling process) and be adapted to virtually all applications.