There are quite a number of plastic sheets which have been designed specifically to control static electricity.

This technology helps to prevent charge generation on the surface of the plastic.This is another unique feature associated with certain types of polycarbonate (PC) sheets.


The anti-static polycarbonate sheets are mainly used in glazing applications.These PC sheets have been designed to control static electricity.Often,we use two kinds of anti static sheet,PC 300 and PC 350 .

They prevent the generation of charges thereby preventing electrostatic discharge (ESD) besides controlling particulate attraction.

Moreover,these ESD polycarbonates offer some of the best design versatility such as chemical and impact resistance,light weight and self-extinguishing properties.


Anti-static Polycarbonate Sheets


Normally,these PCs are grounded to prevent generation of charges.This is one of the main reasons why they are used in both manufacturing and assembly of most electronic components which are charge sensitive.

This is because these electronic components should be protected from defects which are either due to immediate or latent electrostatic discharge.

In manufacturing applications,it can be used to eliminate contaminants which are as a result of charge build up.

This has been one of the main reasons why anti-static polycarbonate sheets are popularly used in electronic,micro-manufacturing and semi-conductor industries.

semi-conductor industries


These materials are used in conveyor line covers,process equipment enclosures,transparent room partitions and mini environment glazing covers.

They are a perfect choice for environments where existence of sparks can result in explosions.

Some of the key benefits and features of anti-static polycarbonate sheets include:

1.They are used in a number of applications since they prevent the build-up of static charges.

Furthermore, they guarantee clean manufacturing process by preventing accumulation of harmful contaminants which may be due to the static charges.

For optimal performance,the PC sheet must be grounded properly.

polycarbonate panels for anti riot helmet


2.A number of anti-static PC sheets have a surface resistivity of between 106 and 108 for every square inch which controls electrostatic discharge efficiently.

This implies that there will be no need for any ionization process.In addition to these,charges which are developed decay within a short period of time.

the charges dissipate in less than 0.05 seconds.This dissipation can take place without arcing.

charges dissipate

3.These PCs have excellent clarity which reduces visible distortion.


4.The anti-static polycarbonate sheets are manufactured using an advanced technology which ensures that their surfaces do not have conductive discontinuities or charge hotpots.


5.The humidity independent static charge controls and eliminates all instances which might be associated with maintaining high level of humidity.



6.Polycarbonates are known for excellent impact resistance.For this reason,they are used to make stronger shatters for safety.


The anti-static PC sheets which are used in most applications are available in bronze tint,clear and grey tints.

Like other types of PCs,it is important to evaluate the performance of each anti-static polycarbonate sheet by referring to their data sheets.

These data sheets contain information concerning the PCs mechanical,physical,thermal,optical, electrical and chemical properties which play a fundamental role in decision making.

chemical properties of Polycarbonates


Although the standard size sheets are available in 48” by 96”,with thickness ranging between 3mm and 9mm,you can also opt for a customized design.

These sheets can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.


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