There are very many choices available when it comes to replacing a polycarbonate conservatory roof.

These range from simplistic,spacious,classic to majestic conservatory spaces which offer a thrilling experience.

Whatever the roofing panel you’re looking for,Excilite Plastics offers a wide range of roofing options which can suite your specific requirements.

They offer superb light transmission to thermal efficiency.

conservatory polycarbonate roof

There are a number of factors you need to consider when you’re planning to replace your conservatory roof.

They include:


The material you’d wish to use for your roof plays a key role in the design process.

Apparently,most people are opting for polycarbonate roofing panels as opposed to other products such as glass.

You can go about the design process yourself or get a qualified person to assist you in the process.Of course,the custom made roofing panels are also available.

You can use a CAD software to design the entire structure as per your specific requirements.



You should extract the following drawings for your polycarbonate conservatory roof:base plans,roof and frame.

They should be available in 3D elevation and scaled drawings.

If you’ve never used the CAD software before,you can also hire a professional designer who will do it for you,but he/she must avail all the above components.

During the design process,you need to consider how you expect the internal space to look like.

There are two main options to consider:

1.The conservatory is too hot.

When a conservatory endures longer hours of direct sunlight,it will be extremely hot.

The available polycarbonate panels can reduce the effects of direct sunlight thus,making it cooler during summer and relatively warm during winter.

This does not interfere with the light transmission.The polycarbonate conservatory roofs are equipped with heat guards.Vents can be incorporated to reduce the heat buildup.

light transmission

2.The conservatory is too cold

Replacing a polycarbonate conservatory roof can improve the situation.There are those that are very cold even during summer which make them really unbearable.

The double walled polycarbonate sheet are energy efficient.They’re used in application where the interior section of the conservatory should be warm.

Choice of roofing material

There are a number of polycarbonate panels to choose from.What are the main are the main reasons why you have to choose a specific type of polycarbonate sheet?

corrugated polycarbonate sheet and multi wall polycarbonate sheet


You need to choose one which will guarantee the value for the amount of money you’re going to spend.This makes time an important factor when it comes to making decision in this scenario.

The polycarbonate should be of the highest quality possible.Go for one which is durable and can regulate the temperature of the conservatory during cold and hot weather.

In most cases,people will go for a polycarbonate conservatory roofing system with between 25 and 35 mm of heat guard polycarbonate sheet.

roofing project made of polycarbonate sheet


Replacing a polycarbonate conservatory roof with these sheet will regulate the conservatory’s temperature.

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