Polycarbonate LED Light Diffuser



Do you know why polycarbonates LED lighting diffuser sheets are commonly used?

In this article you will discover more insights about LED light diffuser systems.

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The Polycarbonate LED light diffuser have emerged as some of the premier option for lighting solutions in most

hones.With these products,manufacturers can effortlessly meet the consumer needs and fulfill all the requirements

by the regulatory bodies.They’re energy efficient and environmentally conscious.


Polycarbonate LED Light Diffuser sheet


The evolution in the lighting industry has seen a number of people resorting to polycarbonate panels since they meet

many required considerations like below:

  1. They can protect the LED light source which is costly to install and maintain since they offer long term heat stability.
  2. They offer one of the best ignition resistance since they’re inherently self-extinguishing.
  3. They meet all the thermal requirements required for an optimal service delivery.
  4. With polycarbonate LED products,it is easier to achieve both excellent clarity and optimal light diffusion.
  5. A wide range of designs can be achieved effortlessly alongside their light weight.

Generally,the polycarbonate LED light diffuser blends all the desirable physical and chemical properties for LED lighting applications.


LED lighting systems


Polycarbonate sheets which are used in these applications are polished to give the LED lighting systems a warm andpleasant color.In most cases, the LED lighting systems which are commonly used do not emit the UV radiationconsidering that polycarbonates degrade when exposed to UV radiation.

The versatility of polycarbonate diffuser sheets has been one of the main reason why they’re used in housings and enclosures.They are used as LED reflectors due to the high reflectivity which can be achieved therebymaximizing the light output since they have been designed to direct the light from the LED.Some of the most essential optical properties of polycarbonate LED light diffuser include:


Ideally,an LED source is considered a unidirectional source from which the light is directed to another surface which can maximize the brightness and diffuse the light evenly within the desired space.


Polycarbonate diffuser sheets can provide a uniform light diffusion with no evidence of the LED light source.They can regulate the amount of light being transmitted.

These sheets offer high level of light purity and clarity which are some of the basic properties most consumers go for when buying an LED lighting system.

Of course,they can be tailored for specific needs with some having matte finish on one side to prevent the glare effect thereby eliminating “hot spots”.This is mainly due to the excellent optical properties of polycarbonates.


Polycarbonate LED Light Diffuser

Another property which is associated with light sources is the UV radiation.

Designers try to put all the necessary precautions to ensure that they reduce the amount of UV exposure as much as possible.

In most applications,the polycarbonate LED light diffuser can be exposed to UV radiation on both sides,that is,from the natural light and the LED source.

To reduce this devastating scenario,an LED source is designed in such a way that,a blue LED is coated with a yellow phosphor to obtain a white light.

Such sources have no UV emissions and if there’s,then it should be in very small amount.This is one of the most complex process in the LED lighting industry.

The choice of polycarbonate LED light diffuser sheets can be mixed with other monomers and polymers to improve their basic properties.