Telescopic swimming pool enclosure offers a convenient way of protecting a pool from hostile weather conditions.

This is because, you can close and open the pool at the time of convenience.

By installing a telescopic enclosure, you will be guaranteed of:

  1. Extend the swimming season during summer and winter.
  2. Low cost of operation, i.e. energy and labor costs.
  3. No time wastage while cleaning swimming pools.
  4. A balanced pH of the swimming pool water.
  5. Safety and security of the pool
  6. Protection from UV radiations

Of course, these pool enclosures offer so many benefits.

These are just a few. You cannot afford to live without one.

Just search for a reliable swimming pool enclosure manufacturer, and place your order.

outdoor swimming pool enclosures

The telescopic swimming pool enclosures come in a wide range of shapes and designs.

That is, they vary in size (low or high profile enclosure) and roof design.

You need to choose one that will blend well with your outdoor environment.


                                                      Swimming pool enclosure roofing designs

As you can see from Excelite’s telescopic swimming pool enclosure, this equipment is made of different sections.

It is important that you get to know these key components by name, function, materials and maintenance procedure.

In fact, this is critical when you opt for DIY swimming pool enclosure installation.

So, what are these key components of a telescopic pool enclosure?

  1. Structural section
  2. Glazing material
  3. Aluminum truck
  4. Pool enclosure door

Ideally, these are the main sections of a swimming pool enclosure.

You will get to know every detail of these parts shortly.

The structural section of a telescopic swimming pool enclosure

It is this structural component that determines the overall shape and strength of the telescopic swimming pool enclosure.

Without a strong structure, the pool enclosure will definitely collapse.

This may cause injuries.

telescopic swimming pool enclosure

                                                A swimming pool enclosure that has collapsed due to poor choice of materials

You need to reinforce the overall structure of the pool enclosure.

It should withstand both strong metals that can withstand the weight of a snow and wind.

The structure should support at least 900kg distributed within 1.5m radius.

Moreover, it should withstand a wind speed of about 230km/hr.

This implies, the manufacturer should choose quality materials that meet the required safety standards.

So, which materials do telescopic swimming pool manufacturers, use to make this structure?

telescopic swimming pool enclosure

A swimming pool enclosure with aluminum structure

Extruded aluminum is a perfect choice for this task.

For a fact, it combines superior strength, lightweight, corrosion resistance and durability.

These are key factors any swimming pool manufacturing company must consider.

In our factory in China, we use aluminum rods manufactured by Dolle (Suzhou), an OEM factory for Dolle Group.

Basically, Excelite Plastics Limited supplies, glazing material (will discuss this later) as Dolle (Suzhou) supply aluminum rods.

Of, course, we also test these materials within our laboratories.

We have also partnered with other independent quality testing organizations.

telescopic swimming pool enclosure

                                                                  Quality aluminum rods for swimming pool enclosure

The entire structure of the telescopic swimming pool enclosure is constructed from reinforced and riveted aluminum rods.

This guarantees the desired strength.

Below are some of the main reasons why extruded aluminum is a perfect choice for the telescopic swimming pool enclosure.

Advantages of Extruded Aluminum

This metal guarantees the following key benefits:

  1. Lightweight – the weight is a third that of steel. Thus, it is easy to transport. Again, there is no need to reinforce the swimming pool deck.
  2. Corrosion resistant – aluminum oxide layer protects it from corrosion even when exposed to moisture. Furthermore, the surface can be treated to enhance its corrosion resistance property. These may include: lacquering, anodizing or painting.
  3. Easy to fabricate – this makes it possible to make various customized shapes easily. It can be bent to form a perfect curve.
  4. Ductility – it can be processed in a number of ways due to low melting point. Also, this makes the cost of fabrication quite affordable.
  5. Safe and environmentally friendly – aluminum is nontoxic and it neither emits harmful radiations nor release the poisonous gases. Thus, you can comfortably close the telescopic swimming pool enclosure without worrying about any dangers.
  6. Sustainable – old telescopic swimming pool structures can be recycled. Thus, no waste in the environment.
  7. Appealing to the eye – it is not a must that you have to decorate the pool enclosure. It will be appealing to the eye. Thou, decoration is necessary to make the enclosure unique.

In short, the extruded aluminum rod is the only material that meets the desired performance criteria.

This is the main reason why the whole structure of Excelite Telescopic swimming pool enclosure is constructed using aluminum rods.

Telescopic Swimming Pool Enclosure Rail System

This is an important component of a telescopic pool enclosure.

At any given time, you will either open or close the cover depending on the condition of the weather.

In most cases, during winter, you will close the enclosure.

On the other hand, you may leave it one during summer.

However, you need to be cautious since excess UV radiation may decompose swimming pool water chemicals.

This may cause pH imbalance.

retractable swimming pool enclosures model C

It is on these rails that the cover will slide either when closing or opening the telescopic enclosure.

In fact, during the installation process, first, you need to locate the exact position of these tracks.

standard swimming pool enclosure

These pool enclosure rails are constructed using clear anodized aluminum.

You have to install them firmly on the swimming pool deck.

It is these rails that will hold the pool enclosure cover and structure, even during harsh weather conditions.

That is, during a storm or strong wind.

Normally, the cover will slide seamlessly when pushed back and forth.

In most situations, you will install the enclosure rail system on the longest side of the pool enclosure.

However, this will also depend on the design of the pool enclosure.

NOTE: Most people forget or deliberately fail to reinforce the rail system appropriately.

In such situations, your cover will definitely be blown away by wind.

Telescopic Swimming Pool Enclosure Glazing Material

This is the material that covers the entire surface of the swimming pool.

You have to install it on the aluminum structure of the telescopic swimming pool enclosure.

Telescopic swimmin pool enclosure

Swimming pool enclosure with a polycarbonate cover

For all our swimming pool enclosures, we use solid polycarbonate sheets.

Unlike other swimming pool enclosure manufacturers who use hollow polycarbonate sheets.

As a matter of fact, solid polycarbonate sheets are stronger than hollow polycarbonate sheets.

solid polycarbonate sheets for telecopic swimming pool enclosure

                                                              Excelite solid polycarbonate sheet

Our polycarbonate telescopic swimming pool enclosure is strong enough to withstand even the worst weather conditions.

They will neither collapse nor lose the essential physical and chemical properties.

A reason why we confidently offer a 15-year warranty. They are designed to last for more than 25 years.

Benefits of Excelite Solid Polycarbonate Pool Enclosures

All our polycarbonate sheet has the following key benefits:

  1. Strong to withstand 900kg of load distributed within 1.5m radius.
  2. Rated to 230km/hr. thus, a perfect choice for windy environments.
  3. UV filters, thereby blocking all harmful UV radiations that may decompose pool chemicals, cause sun burns or cause PC yellowing.
  4. Lightweight thus, easy to transport and install
  5. Come in customizable options, making it easy to personalize an enclosure.
  6. Guarantees 100% maintenance free pool
  7. Easy to fabricate

For a fact, you have every reason to install a polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure.

telescopic swimming pool enclosure blocking UV radiations

                                         Polycarbonate sheet blocks harmful UV radiations

Choosing polycarbonate sheet and aluminum is not by chance.

The main aim is to combine materials with superior chemical and physical properties that can guarantee optimal performance.

This is critical, especially with the dynamic needs of the end users.

NOTE: It is important that you follow the recommended installation process.

Remember, polycarbonate sheet is susceptible to scratches.

Even though it may treated with anti-scratch coating, you still have to handle it with care.

Telescopic Swimming Pool Enclosure Door

A pool enclosure door is an important accessory.

This allows you to control swimming pool users.

That is, you can lock the swimming pool door whenever you are not around.

It is an important swimming pool enclosure safety measure.

Telescopic swimming pool door

                                                                                      Swimming pool enclosure door

The pool enclosure door in constructed from solid polycarbonate sheet and extruded aluminum rods.

Depending on the size of the enclosure (either high or low profile), you can install it at the furthest end or just on the top pool cover.

Telescopics swimming pool enclosure

                          A low profile swimming pool enclosure with a door on the top section

Again, they are also available in different designs and styles.

It is upon the end user to choose one that he/she feels complements the design of the enclosure.

That is, for low profile swimming pool enclosures, it is advisable to have one that slides on the surface.

While for the high profile swimming pool enclosures, you can install it at the furthest end.

Normally, the door should open outwards.

Telescopic swimming pool enclosure

Telescopic swimming pool enclosure with a door at the furthest end of the pool cover

Having a door alone is not enough. It must have a proper locking mechanism.

That is, the locking mechanism should feature a childproof technology.

That is, it makes it impossible for children to open.

Again, you need to be careful during the installation process.

This is crucial when it comes to the exact location to install the door lock.

telscopic swimming pool enclosure design

An drawing of swimming pool enclosure door


As you can see, all telescopic swimming pool enclosures have 4 main components – glazing materials, aluminum structure, rail system and door.

It is important that you choose those manufactured from quality materials with appropriate designs.