Are you planning to construct new pool domes?

Do have an idea of how you want the dome enclosures to look like?

You don’t need to worry, we are going to share with some of the modern design ideas you may consider for your swimming pool.

Quite a number of pool domes available in the market are constructed from aluminum rods.

We discourage people from going for those dome enclosures with air.

This is because they are not strong enough to withstand the force exerted either by wind or snow.

damage swimming pool domes

A weak dome enclosure collapses due to snow

The designs and shapes that we share with you have an aluminum structure.

This implies, the shape you pool dome enclosure will take is determined by the shape of the aluminum structure.

Pool domes

Swimming pool dome constructed from extruded aluminum

As you can see, it is easier to fabricate aluminum than other metals.

This explains the reason why we are able to design pool domes with complex roof styles.

Types of Pool Domes Roofing Styles

We shall share with you different types of roofing styles you may consider for your swimming pool dome enclosures.

Round Swimming Pool Enclosure Dome

This is a common type of swimming pool enclosure dome.

As the name suggests, it is circular in shape.

The frame is constructed from aluminum frame.

That is, there is a thick and round aluminum that forms the base of the dome.

Then several aluminum rods protrude upwards that joint a predetermined point above the center of the pool.

Again, you can decide to have a dome with a high profile or low profile.

pool dome

A round dome pool enclosure

Installing round pool domes are also a sure way of getting all the benefits of retractable pool enclosures at an affordable price.

That is, the pool will remain free from: debris, insects, harmful UV radiation and save energy.

Of course, you could also decorate the circular dome by customizing aluminum rods and choosing a unique cover.

Swimming Pool Domes with Polygon Patterns

Well, as I mentioned earlier, there are so many dome design ideas.

However, the uniqueness of your design will depend on the level of creativity of your swimming pool dome manufacturer.

You can have a look at this design.

Does it look unique?

pool domes

Pool dome with polygon shapes

Of course it is.

Basically, the swimming pool dome manufacturer has created an impression of various polygon shapes.

That is, you can a rectangle (3 aluminum rods joined together), hexagon (six aluminum rods joined together), etc.

As a matter of fact, this will make your pool the focal point of your home.

However, this comes with additional pool enclosure construction cost.

It is mainly due to the complexity of the design where one has to join several aluminum rods together.

Closely related to the above design is the one in the image below.

Does it look like something you may desire to have?

This looks like a ball.

Of course, it also comes at an additional cost considering the intensity of labor involved and the quantity of aluminum rods.

Pool domes

A dome enclosure with polygon shapes

But, if you fancy unique pool domes and you can afford the cost, then, you may try this out.

With this, you can easily transform your backyard into a palace that everyone will crave to visit.

However, before you begin any of these processes, just be sure to have a comprehensive budget for the enclosure.

A Pool Dome with Semicircular Shape

An end view of this swimming pool dome enclosure reveals a semi-circular shape.

Normally, this enclosure is designed such that; it has a rectangular base constructed from extruded aluminum rods.

It is a perfect choice for rectangular in ground swimming pool.

In this design we have on aluminum rod running from one end of the structure to the other (longest cross section).

The curved aluminum rods are then fixed from the rectangular base to the aluminum rod at the centers.

Normally, the height will depend on whether one wants pool domes with high of low profiles.

pool domes

Pool dome for in ground swimming pool

As you might have realized, you can have a swimming pool dome of any shape, depending on the idea you have in mind.

Again, you need to realize that have the most complex shape or design is not enough.

You have to choose the right materials for the process.

This to avoid instances of pool enclosure collapsing when subjected to heavy load or force.


As you can see, there are very many pool dome enclosures you can choose for your swimming pool.

However, before you settle on a specific design, you need to consider the unit cost of construction materials.

Again, you need to understand the main reason as to why you have opted for a particular design.

It should add value to your swimming pool as far as safety, reducing cost of operation and privacy are concerned.

Do you have an idea of a pool dome you would like to construct and you feel stranded?

Contact us today, and we shall make your idea a reality.