Sharing of information shares the wealth! It’s glad to share one of our latest product design here, hope you will obtain some useful information for you.(please be sure that customer’s information is 100% safe with us, this sharing was already got my customer’s approval) It’s a kind of polycarbonate corrugated sheet in shape and with hollow inside, which is we designed for one Peru customer as required.


The main function of general polycarbonate corrugated sheet is roofing and daylighting, compared with the general one, the hollow-corrugated sheet has better performance in heat insulation and stronger impact resistance due to the hollow structure. This hollow-corrugated sheet is preferentially applied in tropical & subtropical area, such as India, Vietnam, Chile and Peru.

This transcation is not only brings us wealth but also enriched our product scope, meanwhile, it enhanced our determination to do our best to provide excellent OEM service to our customers.