Polycarbonate Film



Excelite PC films are available in a wide variety of surface textures,including glass-clear with both sides gloss.These films offer high light transmittance,excellent surface uniformity and ease of processing.All films use pure Bayer Makrolon polycarbonate resin.Most have the necessary UL ratings.

Flame Retardant polycarbonate film

Excelite flame retardant polycarbonate film is a clear PC film with a velvet first surface and a fine matte second surface.It is available in thicknesses of between 0.05-0.5mm.With UL 95 V-O rating,it is designed for many applications such as trade show displays and memo plates

Scratch-resistant polycarbonate film

The scratch-resistant PC film has a one-sided coating on a straight polycarbonate film with an extremely scratch-resistant protective coating.The coating can be either high gloss or slightly matte to make it dazzle-free at various gloss levels.This film is also manufactured in a standard thickness range between 0.175 and 0.750 mm.Laminated film protects the surface on both sides.




  • High heat resistance, -40~120 degrees
  • High Impact Resistance, even under -40 degrees
  • Fire Retardant
  • High transparency
  • Anti-UV
  • High Precision
polycarbonate film product line




  • Sun hats,Sun glasses
  • Bags
  • Lightboxs
  • Nameplates,name cards
  • Film switchs
  • Control panels
  • Helmets
  • Toys
  • Instrumentations
  • Insulations
  • Fire retardant labels






polycarbonate film specification

Note: We can customize color base on your Panton number.





Resource download:

SVHC testing report- EXCELITE

polycarbonate film SGS testing- Excelite

polycarbonate film ROSH SGS testing report- Excelite

polycarbonate film normal Date sheet – Excelite

polycarbonate film Material Safety Data Sheet- Excelite


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