Excelite not only supply high quality polycarbonate sheet for swimming pool cover making ,but also supply some finished swimming pool, you can check more details in our finished products swimming pool .


A carport can provide shelter for your vehicle, we provide different style of carport and for more details, please refer to our finished products carport.


Excelite has around 10 years manufacturing experience on different kind of police shields base on American standard, South American standard, Chinese standard and more. For more details ,please refer to our finished products police riot shields.


Excelite provide all polycarbonate sheet for greenhouse projects ,also ,to satisfy the market ,we also make some finished greenhouse,you can have a DIY when you receive it. for more details ,please check our finished products greenhouse


Excelite sound barrier is structured into 2 division,polycarbonate sound barrier and acrylic sound barrier.Both of them are eco-friendly. Comparied with general polycarbonate sound barrier,this kind of acrylic sound barrier reinforced sheet with embedded polyamide threads,which have very strong impact resistance.


Polycarbonate sheet is very often used for dome skylight and roofing. in this field we mainly supply sheet to the company which provide skylight and roofing solutions, they need this as the material.


As part of Excelite Group Company's strategy to provide total solution to customers. Shanghai Excelite Plastic Limited cooperate with local partners to manufacture signs and graphics products. We are several global companies active supplier worldwide in different industries.


Excelite Plastic holds a league for nearly all kinds of plastic fabrication as the strategy of our group company is providing total solution to customers instead of just selling products.The vertical integration capability will benefit our customers a 30% total cost saving.