CNC Machining

description of plastic fabrication

Plastic Fabrication


Excelite CNC plastic Fabrication workshop has set up in 2005.Plastic Manufacturing Capabilities is one part of our vertical integration strategy; strongly support our core plastic business including polycarbonate and acrylic products.It can support us to fulfill diversified demand from end customers in advance of polycarbonate sheet and acrylic sheet.We provide custom plastic fabrication service including custom acrylic fabrication and polycarbonate fabrications.


The CNC Plastic Fabrication workshop has plenty of precise equipment.And the processes capability are including CNC cutting and sizing,CNC machining,Deburring,Polishing,Bending,Thermo-forming,Silk Screen,Packaging, etc.In advance,we have one set machine for 7 Axis machining which can fulfill complex plastic fabrication with very high precision.

features of Plastic Fabrication
cnc milling machine


  • High precision machining
  • Large machining dimension
  • Vertical and horizontal engraving
  • 2D and 3D engraving
  • Customed to any products as you need



applications of Plastic Fabrication


  • Advertising signage
  • PVC board
  • Teflon plate
  • Two-color board
  • Logo,sign making
  • Acrylic sheet cutting
  • Plastic molding
  • Large print cutting
  • PVC crystal plate cutting
  • LED / Neon light box
  • Plastic light boxes mold making


cnc applicationof Plastic Fabrication

 some polycarbonate fabrications and acrylic fabrications

properties of Plastic Fabrication


  • Repeatability (accuracy): (+/- mm) 0.05
  • Cutting Speed: (mm/min) 30000
  • Rapid Traverse: (mm/min) 45000
  • Z-Axis Clearance: (mm) 200
  • Z-Axis Travel: (mm) 320
  • Working Area: (mm*mm) 3000*8000


Detailed Processes of cnc - Plastic Fabrication
  • Cutting and Sizing

We are on the cutting edge of technology,providing you tight tolerances and extremely accurate results for processing plastics.We offer a variety of options to meet your cutting demands – for sizing large polycarbonate sheets and acrylic sheets to cutting thin,delicate materials.Our range of options include everything from smaller,custom-cutting saws to large production systems where fast production speeds are required.

CNC cutting and sizing


  • Edge-Polishing

A smooth,transparent edge is crucial for showcasing products within a retail environment or other areas with high-visibility.Our edge polishing equipment provides versatile polishing technology for high-quality,transparent results on a variety of materials and surfaces.




  • CNC Machining and Polishing

Change is part of business.Consumer demands,design and manufacturing trends and market conditions are changing every day.Excelite realizes you are seeking technology that can not only satisfy your needs today,but will also carry you forward into the future.Sawing,trimming, drilling,polishing,measuring,or 3D processing – no matter what techniques are involved,we have the CNC technology to get it done.Our machining solutions can be custom-configured to your specific needs.From productivity and high precision,to energy and material savings, Excelite provides proven CNC options for plastics processing.


CNC Machining and Polishing


  • Plastics Finishing and Printing

There’s no room for error when it comes to the finished quality of your product. Excelite partners with world-leading manufacturers of high-performance plastics finishing and printing technologies to bring you the latest state-of-the-art technology.Our systems are built with you in mind,providing customized configurations and modular production lines designed to meet your finishing requirements.Excelite offers options for small and large batch sizes in 2D and 3D spray machines with innovative color-changing systems,space-saving curing and drying systems,and efficient cleaning technologies designed to reduce waste.


 CNC Printing


Excelite CNC factory


We set up our CNC Machine factory since 2005.It is one part of our vertical integration stragegy,strongly support our core plastic business including polycarbonate and acrylic sheet.

We have plenty of precised machines.our CNC processing include CNC cutting,CNC machining,Deburring,Polishing,CNC Bending,Thermo Forming,Screen Printing,Packaging,etc.In advance,we have one set machine for 7 Axis machining which can fulfill complex fabrication.

7 axis machining

7 axis machining


Thermo Forming

Thermo Forming