polycarbonate greenhouse panels

polycarbonate greenhouse panels description


As the greenhouse being more and more popular,polycarbonate greenhouse panels become the first material for greenhouse building.Polycarbonate sheet has helped the gardeners a lot on greenhouse building.because polycarbonate greenhouse sheet has made greenhouses less expensive and longer lasting.At the same time,polycarbonate panels greenhouse has enhanced the food security.Growing our principal crops in a greenhouse, or starting crops early in a small polycarbonate sheets greenhouse, is our best assurance of a fruitful harvest in uncertain times.

Excelite is a professional manufacturer of polycarbonate sheet,we supply polycarbonate greenhouse panels to the greenhouse supplier in the global market.Of course if you have a big polycarbonate greenhouse project and the greenhouse polycarbonate panels can fit one container,freely contact us,we will give you our great solutions.

For greenhouse construction,most client choose twin wall polycarbonate sheet and multi wall polycarbonate sheet,because it has good weather resistance and UV protection.and of course some client choose corrugated polycarbonate sheet for their greenhouse cover.


Benefit of polycarbonate greenhouse sheeting


  • Excellent performance of bearing partial pressure    Best Materials for Your Greenhouse
  • Anti ultraviolet radiation and aging resistance
  • Lower U value
  • Hign strength and stiffness
  • Suitable for bending design
  • Good weather resistance and UV protection
  • High heat insulation
  • Good sound insulation effect
  • Excellent mechanical properties


 Insulation values of polycarbonate greenhouse


polycarbonate greenhouse panel


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