How can you prevent intruders from accessing a swimming pool?

What about saving kids from drowning?

I know it’s not easy to make the best decision.

Most likely, you could be weighing options between polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure and pool fence.

swimming pool enclosure with low cost

Don’t worry, I will compare the two products.

This is to give you an insight why polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure is better than pool fence.

This is an ultimate comparison, I have designed for both experts and newbies in the swimming pool industry.

You will find answers to all questions about pool enclosure and pool fence. This will help you make an informed decision.

Below is a quick checklist you can use:

The Design, Style and Structure

From the images below, the difference between a polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure and swimming pool fence is quite evident.

Below are key structural features of a pool fence:

  1. A barrier you can install around the pool
  2. It does not cover the entire surface of the pool – upper section remains open.
  3. You can construct it from aluminum, steel or wood.
  4. Has a self-locking gate

Here is an image of a swimming pool fence:

Swimming pool fence - protects swimming pools from unauthorized access

A swimming pool fence will protect the pool from unauthorized access. As you can see, the upper section of the swimming pool is not covered. They are available in different designs and shapes. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

The entire construction process must conform to swimming pool fence rules and regulations.

Please inquire with your local authorities.

A polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure is a barrier though, it covers the entire surface of the pool.

It is more functional than a pool fence.

Here is an image of a pool enclosure

excelite swimming pool enclosure

A polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure with aluminum structure

Key features of a pool enclosure include:

  1. Covers the entire surface of the pool
  2. The frame is constructed from extruded aluminum rods with a solid polycarbonate cover
  3. Self-locking/latching gate
  4. Available in different profiles – low and high profile pool enclosures
  5. You can choose between fixed or telescopic/retractable pool enclosures

In short, if you want an equipment that will cover the entire surface of the pool, a pool enclosure is a perfect alternative.

There are quite a number of swimming pool enclosure design ideas to choose from.

Which One Can Extend Swimming Season?

There are two extreme seasons – winter and summer.

In case you are planning to extend your swimming season, then you’d rather go for a polycarbonate pool enclosure.

It is for this reason that, the enclosure will cover your pool from fluctuating weather conditions.

On the other hand, a pool fence will leave the swimming pool surface exposed to harsh UV radiations from the sun or during winter snows.

Excelite Low profile swimming pool enclosure model F

Here is how a pool enclosure will extend your swimming season:

  1. During winter, it protect the pool from snow as polycarbonate sheet can support a load of 900kg per 1.5m radius.
  2. Withstand high wind – they are rated 230 km/hr.
  3. Polycarbonate being an insulator prevents heat loss
  4. It filters harmful UV radiations during hot summer
  5. Reduces decomposition of swimming pool chemicals

The bottom line is, polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure isolates the swimming pool from an external environment.

Therefore, you have full control of the environment within the pool.

You can experience an indoor or outdoor experience.

For this reason you can swim comfortably during summer, winter or nighttime (as long you have pool enclosure lights).

swimming pool enclosure with light

How About Swimming Pool Safety And Security?

Swimming pool safety is a major concern for most homeowners.

Reports published by the CDC, indicate worrying figures of drowning.

swimming accident

A child drowns in a swimming pool without an enclosure

As much as a swimming pool fence guarantee some safety and security, it’s not enough.

How about if your kids decide to jump over the fence?

They will still access the swimming pool.

In fact, in Sunny’s safety guide: The 17 Swimming Pool Safety Tips & Rules Which May Save Your Children Life, he recommends the use of pool enclosure and not pool fence.

Here are key reasons why I consider the pool enclosure a safe equipment:

  1. It completely covers the pool
  2. Lockable door prevents unauthorized access to pool area
  3. Strong extruded aluminum structure and solid polycarbonate sheet, no one can forcefully access the pool
  4. Door may be equipped with a swimming pool alarm.

Obviously, your kids will not access the swimming pool without your knowledge.

This will prevent an intentional drowning.

Telscopic pool enclosure door

A swimming pool enclosure door locking mechanism

Swimming Pool Cost of Operation and Maintenance

Do you know that a swimming pool without an enclosure is ten times more expensive to operate?

Well, a swimming pool fence will leave your pool exposed to all dust, tree leaves, acid rain, etc.

The truth is, the swimming pool operational costs will be high.

The only way to avoid this is to install a polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure.

It guarantees a 100% maintenance free and lowers the cost of operation.

Instal a polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure to avoid frequent and tiresome cleaning process

Cleaning a swimming pool is a laborious process. In case you don’t have a reliable pool cover, you’re likely to clean the pool almost everyday. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

As opposed to a pool fence that leaves the surface of water exposed to the external environment, a pool enclosure will:

  1. Prevent algae growth
  2. Reduce water evaporation
  3. Filter all dangerous UV radiation
  4. Preserve swimming pool chemicals
  5. Block dust, debris, insects and acid rain

All these will lower cost of operating a swimming pool.

Unit Cost of Installation of Pool Enclosure vs. Pool Fence

Some people argue that polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure is expensive than pool fence.

I disagree, you really have to focus on long-term cost saving plan.

But, the question is, what should you give priority?

I believe safety and low maintenance of swimming pool enclosures is key.

Having said that, I believe swimming pool enclosure is still a perfect choice, irrespective of what people claim to be “high cost”.

Is it real? Check how much cost for a pool enclosure from Excelite.

Excelite, a premier manufacturer and supplier of polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure has lowered their cost by over 27%.

As you can see, for as low as $2,999, you can get a swimming pool enclosure.

Moreover, installing a swimming pool enclosure is quite simple and easy.

You don’t need heavy or sophisticated machines.


In short, both polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure and pool fence are useful safety barriers.

However, it is clearly evident that an enclosure is more functional and adaptable compared to a pool fence.

It is due to a wide range of factors such as pool safety, privacy and reducing maintenance cost.

From personal experience, I highly recommend a swimming pool enclosure.