There are very many types of polycarbonate textured sheets available in the market for a wide range of applications.

Normally, these materials can offer light transmission while disguising vision. This makes them popular for privacy glazing applications.


They are also used in applications where safety is a major concern. Like other polycarbonate sheets, these polycarbonates are dimensionally stable, they can withstand extreme weather conditions and scorching summers.

Generally, they combine quite a number of features such as lightweight, high impact strength, flexibility, high light transmission and durability.

All these allow for a wide range of applications more so in the modern world where everyone is in need of materials with superior characteristics.

textured polycarbonate sheet


The polycarbonate textured sheets which are available in the market are virtually unbreakable since they possess some of the best impact resistance characteristics.

The impact assessment tests which have been conducted indicate that polycarbonates are 40 times stronger than acrylic while 250 times stronger than glass.

This is one of the reasons why this material is used in quite a number of applications where strength is of high priority such as in the construction of greenhouses and other roofing materials.


The ordinary polycarbonate materials get damaged when exposed to ultraviolet radiation if not UV protected. UV degrades polycarbonate materials besides making them to turn yellow.(check How to prevent polycarbonate turning yellow)

This reduces the light transmission capability of these materials.To avoid such a scenario,they are UV protected and have the capability of blocking over 99% of the harmful ultraviolet radiation.

This is also another reason why this material is used in the construction of green houses.The UV protection not only protects the polycarbonates from the UV radiation but also, other UV sensitive products.


The polycarbonate textured sheets can transmit up to 90% of light. This is despite the fact that it is mainly designed to improve privacy.

It is nearly impossible to see through this plastic.In addition to these,their lightweight make then convenient to install and handle.

In fact,you will not require sophisticated tool and equipment to go about this process.

All you need are simple cutting and drilling tools.These polycarbonate are available in a wide range of sizes and textures such as embossed, anti-glare,fine matt and fine textured version.

The choice of a specific texture will mainly depend on the desired application and the specific application requirements.

Some of the most common types of polycarbonate texture sheets include:

Prismatic polycarbonate sheets


Polycarbonate prismatic Sheet


These materials are known to be UV resistant besides having an excellent light transmission capability.

They are easy to cut and install thus,this reduces labor costs which may be associated with the installation process,They have been designed in such a way that they can enhance visual comfort by reducing glare and providing the required brightness.

They are the most commonly used polycarbonate sheets which have a prismatic texture which have also been optimized for both light transmission and diffusion.

These are key properties when it comes to the manufacture of roofing materials such as for greenhouses and skylight.

They are mostly recommended for a number of lighting applications such as those in general offices, large retail areas, computer rooms, laboratories, illuminated ceilings, collages, etc.


Like other polycarbonate sheets, the prismatic polycarbonate textured sheets have excellent light diffusion and transmission properties,they are resistant to high impact,fluctuating temperature and flame,they are lightweight with good thermal and sound insulation properties.

These have been some of the reasons why they are popularly used in these applications.You need to buy this equipment from reputable dealer if you would wish to acquire quality and original materials which will serve you for a long period of time.

Embossed polycarbonate sheets


polycarbonate embossed sheet



These are some of the most common types of polycarbonate textured sheets which are used for a wide range of applications.

To realize an optimized level of glazing performance,you need to go for those that have been manufactured from high quality raw materials.

Apparently, most products which are available in the market feature maximum light transmission and high impact strength.These are key features in most domestic and industrial applications.

They are also available in a wide range of color and thickness to meet various application requirements.

The embossed polycarbonate sheets are some of the most commonly used solid polycarbonate textured sheets.These products are embossed to prevent see-through vision besides achieving a given degree of light diffusion.

Under normal circumstances,embossed surfaces have the capability of dispersing light to meet certain application requirements.The dispersion takes place uniformly over a large area thereby preventing chances of glare which can cause the burning effect.

Like other polycarbonate materials,these materials possess all the inherent properties of polycarbonate resin such as being user friendly in terms of both maintenance and installation process,

they are water, heat and sound proof; they do not break easily and guarantee better light diffusion.

Matte polycarbonate sheets




To meet certain application requirements,the normal polycarbonate material can always be modified to alter certain inherent properties such as high impact strength,light diffusion capability or even the light transmission capability.

These have been some of the reasons as to why the number of polycarbonate textured sheets have been increasing in the recent past.

Normally, the matte polycarbonate sheets,which are also referred to as frosted polycarbonate sheets are treated to achieve a high level of glazing performance.

One unique feature with these materials is their light transmission capability.A pure polycarbonate material can transmit over 90% of light.

On the other hand,the frosted sheets can only transmit between 40% and 72% of light.Of course,the light transmission capability is altered using the matte sheet.

Basically, the embossed, matte and prismatic polycarbonate sheets are the most common types of polycarbonate textured sheets which are available in the market.

Each sheet has been designed specifically for a given type of application requirement to optimize their performance.