Over the past few years, the use of polycarbonate twin wall sheets have really revolutionized the construction of greenhouses.

This has been due to the incredible features this product has to offer.A number of greenhouses which have been constructed from glass or plastic films are apparently being replaced by polycarbonate sheets.

Twin wall polycarbonate sheet


As a matter of fact,polycarbonate is more expensive that those materials which were used traditionally as greenhouse covering.

However,the polycarbonate twin wall sheets have quite a number of long term benefits.

The use of these sheets is mainly geared towards increasing both the quality and quantity of production.When it comes to quality of production,it is quite evident that these sheets have been designed in such a way that they can optimize light diffusion which stimulates faster growth and quality production.

Furthermore,the twin wall polycarbonates have a desirable insulation factor which makes them a perfect choice for cold areas.

This is from the fact that it will lower the entire production costs by reducing energy consumption since heating will not be required.

polycarbonate hollow sheet



The polycarbonate twin wall sheets have a lightweight and are also easy to install.

This reduces the cost of reinforcing the entire structure and the installation process.In the long run,this will reduce the installation costs significantly.

The demand for twin wall polycarbonate sheets within Asia and other parts of the world has been one of the main reasons for the bourgeoning polycarbonate market.




The constant modifications and innovations which have been witnessed in this niche are mainly geared to achieve certain environmental requirements.

For instance,unveiling textured twin wall polycarbonate sheets have really improved light distribution in general.The amount of light passing through the sheet can be limited to a certain percentage.

The role these sheets play in other applications such as roofing have also gained momentum.They save energy in homes via two main mechanisms.

polycarbonate sheet for Roofing


During winter,heat within the room cannot be transmitted across the walls.

This makes the internal environment to remain warm which reduces the cost of heating the house.During the day,since they can transmit significant amount of light depending on the nature of tint.

There’ll be no need of lighting up the room.This is a crucial factor especially during this period when every person is trying to reduce energy consumption as much as possible.

The vital aspects why people are likely to use the polycarbonate twin wall sheets in most applications is their ability to save significant amount of energy by providing superlative insulation effect,their light weight due to the air spaces in between the sheets and better light transmission.

This properties are considered alongside the key properties of polycarbonate resin.

tinting material


Generally,the polycarbonate market in China will continue to thrive considering that a number of electronics manufacturing companies are shifting to China where they can get cheap source of labor.

As at 2011,the 60% of the global polycarbonate market was mainly in the Asia-Pacific region with China contributing over 45% of the market share.

This makes China to be one of the “most important market” when it comes to polycarbonate products.

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