When all factors which affect the market have been kept constant, polycarbonate products are generally more expensive than acrylic products. In fact, at any given instant, the price is about 35% more. Unquestionably, there are a number of factors which can be attributed to polycarbonate vs acrylic price disparity. At the same time, this does not imply that polycarbonates are superior as compared to acrylic in all aspects. There are certain applications where acrylic is preferred to polycarbonates.

When it comes to clarity, acrylic sheets are clearer than polycarbonate sheets. They have a light transmittance of over 92% which is really excellent. Also, they can be polished to restore clarity which is not the same scenario with the polycarbonates. In addition to these, it is easier to cut acrylic sheets with basic tools such as saws and routers. They can be heat bend which is not possible with polycarbonates which can be cold formed and they do not scratch easily. Evidently, these are desirable features of any sheet or panel which is used in engineering application, but why can’t they give acrylic sheets a bargaining power in the competitive market when it comes to polycarbonate vs acrylic price?

Polycarbonate vs acrylic


Well, despite the fact that polycarbonate sheets do not possess all these features,they can be improved by using ether additives or coatings. It is important to note that regardless of the high cost of this engineering materials; it is one of the most commonly used product in the market due to the key chemical and physical properties it possess.

Polycarbonate is about 17 times impact resistant. This is due to its flexibility which eliminates any instances of developing cracks. Again, they can handle a working temperature 240 degrees Fahrenheit alongside being weather resistant. These are some of the key selling points of polycarbonate sheets. Of course, polycarbonate products are in high demand and as the law of demands and supply states at Ceteris paribus, when there is an increase in demand, there will be an increase in price. This is one key factor which influences the polycarbonate vs acrylic prices in the market.

Apart from the law of supply and demand; the manufacturing process is also another aspect which determines the overall cost of the product. Comparing the polycarbonate vs acrylic price based on the manufacturing process involved; it is worth noting that producing polycarbonate panels involve very many process which may range from monomer purification, trans-esterification, split off products separation, poly-condensation, etc. The processes make the entire process more expensive than that of acrylic. In addition to this; the raw material, bisphenol A is also expensive. This basically makes the price of polycarbonate products to be costly. Other processes such ultraviolet and scratch resistant treatment also increases the cost of polycarbonate panels.

Generally, in the long-run polycarbonate panels have proved to be some of the most cost effective panels since they do not lose their essential properties over time. They guarantee low cost of maintenance. It is worth investing in polycarbonate products.