A lot of people find themselves in a situation where they can’t choose between – pool screen enclosures and PVC winter covers.

Well, it is time you need to face the reality, winter is almost here.

You need a permanent solution to this problem.

Most probably, you will have to deal with unpredictable amounts of snow.

What is a PVC Winter Cover?

This is a woven over-sized tarp made from PVC.

It is usually pre-cut based on the size of the swimming pool.

It protects the swimming pool from spring and winter seasons.

PVC winter covers for screen Pool Screen Enclosures

A PVC winter cover

What Are Pool Screen Enclosures?

It is a structure constructed from solid polycarbonate sheet and aluminum rods.

They are available in different sizes depending on the dimension of the swimming pool.


As you can see, there are different swimming pool covers.

It is upon you as the pool user to choose one suits you needs specific need during winter.

The question is, should you abandon your enclosure simply because there is snow?

No, this should be the case.

It is for this reason that you need to make a worthwhile decision when it comes to choosing the right cover for your pool.

For a fact, there has been a lot of debate going on whether to go for PVC winter covers or polycarbonate pool screen enclosures.

The truth of the matter is: polycarbonate screen pool enclosure are a perfect choice for snowfall weather.

Screen pool enclosure offers a wide range of benefits that cannot be compared to the PVC pool covers.

Let’s compare the two products.

Comparing Pool Screen Enclosures And Winter Cover

You need to consider the following key factors:

Enjoy swimming throughout the year – be it summer or winter

Excelite Plastics Ltd., as one of the experienced swimming pool screen enclosure companies, we insist that you install retractable pool enclosures.

You can open it during summer and close it during winter.

The good thing is, you can still swim during summer.

Let’s face the reality, how can you swim in a pool with a PV winter cover shown as in the figure above?

How will you fit in that swimming pool? That’s basically out of question.

It is impossible?

What about the swimming pool screen enclosure?

have fun in polycarbonate swimming pool - screen pool enclosure

Enjoy the comfort of your swimming pool screen enclosure during both winter and summer

Well, they come in a wide range of sizes and designs.

You will definitely fit and enjoy swimming as if there were no winter.

Remember, this equipment will definitely extend your swimming season.

Go for a screen pool enclosure.

Swimming Pool Cover Cost

Do intend to invest in a long-term project or it is just for some few months?

You need to give the entire process a broader perspective.

That is, even though the initial investment could be somehow high for pool screen enclosures, it should:

  1. Allow for swimming during all seasons
  2. Easy to maintain or handle
  3. Value to the pool

Basically, PVC winter covers are cheap.

That is, you will get some that retail for about $200 to $400.

On the other hand, polycarbonate screen enclosures may cost $2,999 for a 3m * 6m pool enclosure.

You can compare swimming pool enclosure prices.

Well, this PVC winter cover may seem cheap, but, are they worth the investment?

Covering the pool is quite a laborious process.

This is not the case for pool enclosures where you simply slide the cover back and forth, depending on whether you want to open or close the swimming pool.

Retractable_swimming_pool_enclosure - pool screen enclosure

A curved surface allows for dust and snow to slide off the pool cover

A PVC cover may last for less than 5 years.

On the other hand, screen pool enclosures will last for more than 25 years.

In fact, they come with a 15 year warranty.

Is this not cost effective?

Whenever there is snow, it will be difficult to clean the surface of the PVC winter covers.

This is unlike the pool enclosures where snow easily slides off the polycarbonate surface.

Still, a price range of $200 to $400, is still not worth it.

You better spend $2,999 on an enclosure and save on energy and chemical costs, alongside the convenience and reliability.

High Strength to Support The Weight of  The Snow

This is yet, another important reason why you need to consider pool screen enclosure for your swimming pool.

Snow has devastating effects to any pool.

At times it can be too much that the PVC winter cover will begin to curve inwards.

This will ultimately affect your swimming pool.

damage swimming pool dome

Devastating effects of snow on pool covers

Thus, the only way to fully protect the swimming pool from these natural calamities is by installing a pool screen enclosure constructed from quality material.

Retractable swimming pool enclosures are constructed from solid polycarbonate sheet and extruded aluminum.

The two materials are strong enough to withstand bad weather conditions such as:

  1. Strong winter winds – rates at 230km/hr.
  2. Weight of snow – up to 900 kg per 1.5m radius.

Excelite Low profile swimming pool enclosure model F

It will maintain its sturdy shade despite the heavy weight of snow.

The fact that the screen enclosure can retain its shapes makes it easy to clean the surface.

Pool Screen Enclosures Guarantee Safety and Privacy

This is yet, another feature that makes the polycarbonate pool screen enclosure a perfect choice for this task.

The strong polycarbonate materials prevent intruders from reaching the swimming pool area.

They can’t break the tough polycarbonate material.

This is not the case for PVC winter covers.

Going for tinted polycarbonate sheets will guarantee the privacy of your swimming pool enclosure.


In short, pool screen enclosure is a perfect choice for anyone who owns a swimming pool that could be exposed to harsh weather conditions during the winter season.

The enclosure is not only strong to withstand the weight of snow, but also, big enough.

Thus, you can swim even when there is snow or the weather is extremely cold.