Polycarbonate Corrugated 5,6 waves sheets - the classical wave of the Corrugated sheet family. On the basis of polycarbonate sheet manufacture technology, changing molding tool and craft, making good light characteristic and variety of the sense of vision and felling.If this model is not what you are looking for , you can check more corrugated sheet here , or send us your detailed request,we can make all your customized model.

Main Benefits

  • Good light transmission
  • Good temperature tolerance
  • Light in weight
  • Flame resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • 10 years Quality guarantee
  • Easy to install

Typical Applications

  • Gardens, greenhouses and skylights.
  • Factories
  • warehouses
  • Arch roofing and commercial shelters
  • Coverings of waiting rooms
  • Corridors of modern railway
  • Corridors of bus stations and airports.