Gaskets and sealant tapes

Gaskets and sealant tapes

Gaskets and sealant tapes

EXCELITE Gaskets and sealant tapes are produces to match the polycarbonate sheet, and most specifically, the polycarbonate hollow sheet. To protect the hollow sheet away from water, our tapes has feathers contains high temperature resistance, good heat resistance, non-stick surface, non-flammability and aging resistance. It will never hurt the polycarbonate sheet surface since it has perfect chemical insert, low frication electrical insulator.


  • Acid,Alkali, Solvent resistance
  • Non toxic, environmentally friendly
  • ¬†long performance
  • Non stick surface
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent sealing effect
  • Water resistance
  • Terrific insulating property
  • Good heat resistance

Typical Application

  • all kinds of polycarbonate sheet
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