GP polycarbonate solid sheet


Excelite Solid Polycarbonate Sheets has another name called safety glass.It combines superior impact resistance and clarity.It is virtually unbreakable,30 times impact resistance of tempered glass,about 200 times of common glass,20 times of acrylic sheets.

Main Benefits

  • High impact resistance - virtually unbreakable
  • High clarity and light transmission,polycarbonate sheet's highest light transmission can reach 92% Weather resistant and 99% UV resistant
  • Wide temperature range
  • Blocks harmful UV radiation
  • Good acoustical insulation Light weight
  • Easy to clear,handle and install
  • Versatile, formable, and machinable
  • Diffuser for light boxes

Typical Applications

  • Skylights, daylighting system
  • vault roofing
  • Architectural roofing
  • Covered walkways Sport venues
  • Transparent acoustic barriers, Sound barriers
  • Light boxes and designed signage
  • Shields and machine guards
  • Awning, carport
  • Fabricated items