Light guide Panel


Excelite LGP is a transparent acrylic panel made from 100% Virgin PMMA resin, on whose bottom face a dot matrix is printed or a line matrix is scratched. The light source is installed on its edge(s). It makes the light coming from the light source evenly over the whole upper face of the acrylic sheet.

Main Benefits

  • Excellent transparency, transmittance 92%
  • Real images and modern designs with elegant interior looks can be displayed and seen through computer graphics
  • Offers LED products slim frame
  • The best method for advertisement
  • LED can help to reduce 70% on electricity consumption and offers 10X longer lifespan than traditional LED, Neon and Halogen products

Typical Applications

  • lighting box
  • advertising sign
  • LED cover
  • Signage
  • Lighting cover