Matte sheet

Matte sheet

Excelite Matte polycarbonate sheet(frosted sheet) is treated with Special high level of glazing and frosted performance. It has ability to perform in wide range of temperature up to 100 degree Celsius makes the frosted sheets excellent for light fixtures that hear up after long usage.


  • Protect Privacy with its translucent surface
  • High Impact Resistance, practically unbreakable
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-ultraviolet, delay aging
  • Large range of sheet sizes & thicknesses
  • High temperature resistance
  • light transmission: 40% to 72%

Typical Application

  • Machine Guards
  • Indoor partition and ceiling
  • Lighting Roofing,Carport and awnings
  • safety and security glazing
  • advertising billboard
  • Indoor decoration and partition
  • Bathroom,Upholster
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