Prismatic sheet

Prismatic sheet

Prismatic sheet

Excelite Polycarbonate Prismatic sheet is a translucent, UV stabilized, polycarbonate product with a prismatic texture on one side. This prismatic pattern has been optimized for light diffusion and light transmission, making it an excellent choice for most conventional lighting applications.


  • Light diffusion
  • Impact resistance
  • Excellent Light transmission
  • Weather resistance
  • Flame resistance
  • Heat resistance, cold resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Sound insulation

Typical Application

  • Skylight, Dome, Roofing
  • LED Cover, LED lighting
  • Architectural lighting, interior partition/screen
  • Indoor partition of furniture, office, pedestrian passageway
  • Decoration of commercial building, curtain wall of modern city building
  • Advertising sign, light box advertising.
  • Display and exhibition
  • Wall, roof, screen and other top-grade interior decoration material
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