U - lock hollow sheet


EXCELITE U-LOCK sheet is an advanced construction system, Innovative side of the U-lock design, making installation easier and faster,combined with stronger,easier to maintain. 50μm high concentration of UV co-extruded layer to ensure that product more than 10 years of continuous use.

Main Benefits

  • Simply processed and installed
  • 100% leaking-proof
  • Good weather resistance and UV protection
  • High heat insulation
  • Excellent load capacity
  • Free expansion

Typical Applications

  • Roofing light sheet and sunshade for building roof
  • Skylight, lighting for corridors, balcony, passages and subway entries, walkways
  • Conservatories, agricultural greenhouse, zoos, botanical gardens
  • Industrial roofing & glazing
  • Natatorium swimming pools roofing/cover/sheet