At times, we may be forced to replace our existing swimming pool domes due to a number of reasons.

They could be old, damaged or we just need a new design.

The bottom line is, you need to understand the main reason why you want to wish to replace the existing swimming pool dome.

Swimming Pool Domes

A round swimming pool dome enclosure

Whatever the reason, you need to understand that this is a systematic process that requires undivided attention.

For the purpose of this article, I will take you through a step-by-step process on how to replace your swimming pool domes.

So, what are the main processes involved here:

Prepare to Replace The Swimming Pool Domes

Below are some important steps you need to consider:

Planning How to Go about The Process

Planning is a crucial stage in the process.

During this stage, you need to be clear on the following key aspects:

  1. Budget for the proposed swimming pool dome
  2. Be specific on the timeframe within which the process will be done
  3. Identify a qualified technician or opt for DIY process
  4. Order for a new dome enclosure system
  5. Get the right tools and equipment

When you are just about to begin the process, clear the environment around the swimming pool.

This is to provide enough working space for the project.

Again, you need to install a sign post that indicates there is some work going on.

During this time, no one should be allowed to use the pool.

This is an important safety procedure.

Swimming Pool Domes - safety measure

Sign post

After you have bought the new dome for your swimming pool, check every component to ensure all sections are available.

This will enable you to accomplish the entire process successfully.

You can do this with the help of your technical manual.

Start The Actual Process of Replacing Swimming Pool Domes

So, what should you start with?

  1. Cover the Swimming Pool, Maybe a winter PVC cover Can do

During the construction process, dust, tools or particles may drop in the swimming pool water.

To prevent this, it is important that you cover the entire surface of the swimming pool.

swimming pool domes

A pool covered with PVC winter covers

  1. Dismantle The Old Pool Dome

By replacing this equipment, it does not imply its old components will not be used anymore.

They are still valuable as long as they are not defective.

For this reason, remove all these parts carefully and sort them out based on their size or functionality.

The unit cost of pool enclosure parts is always high, so, learn to save if you can.

swimming pool domes - cover

Structure of the pool dome cover

Fold the old cover carefully and store it safely.

Remember, you can use it to cover another swimming pool temporarily or sell it for a profit.

You can get some bucks from it.

  1. Assess the Pool Dome Frame

Unless you want to install a completely new design, then there will be needed to dismantle this frame.

Remember, this frame is constructed from extruded aluminum rods.

They can remain in good shape and condition for more than 25 years.

Pool domes

Structure of a pool dome cover

So, even the old frame can still be used on another swimming pool enclosure.

Alternatively, you can also sell it for a profit.

However, if you were only interested in replacing the existing cover, then you don’t have to dismantle the frame.

After you have removed the cover, carefully inspect every section of the frame.

Inspecting this section is an important swimming pool enclosure maintenance procedure.

You must not assume anything here. Start with the base, as you proceed to the top section of the dome frame.

The intensity of the process will depend on the design of your dome.

All defective components should be replaced with new ones.

This must be those recommended by the pool dome manufacturer.

For example, you should replace an Excelite™ hardware component with those manufactured by us.

This is to avoid incompatibility issues that may arise.

  1. Clean The Frame

You need to clean the aluminum frame.

The method of cleaning will depend on the type of stains on your frame.

However, you must use only those detergents we have recommended.

  1. Replace The Swimming Pool Domes Cover

In most cases, these covers come with sections already designated for the exact places they should fit on the frame.

Before you secure the cover, ensure it fits appropriately on the frame.

Begin by securing the extreme ends of the cover, then to all the remaining sections.

  1. Do a Final Assessment

Assess the final installation of the cover.

This is to ensure that the pool dome meets all safety requirements.

If fully secured, remove the PVC cover.

Role it from end to the other to avoid chances of debris falling in the pool water.

Finally, clean your working environment and store all tools in appropriate locations.


As you see, replacing existing pool domes for swimming pool is a simple process.

Get the right tools and follow the recommended installation procedure.

During the entire process, ensure you follow the recommended safety procedures too to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Remember, failure to follow the recommended safety procedures will make your warranty invalid.