Jeep is known to manufacture quality vehicles,most of which are used in rough terrains.This requires that every section of the car has the ability to withstand rough handling at all times.A number of drivers are always worried about their windshield whenever they are on a rough terrain.This company has revolutionized the automotive industry by introducing the polycarbonate jeep windshield.The wind shield combines strength,safety,scratch resistance,optic clarity and light weight.These are key factors to consider when shopping for windshields.So many people have opted for these windshields since they have realized the numerous advantages they offer.


The sport cars prefer these polycarbonate windshields since they are shatterproof and scratch resistant.Moreover, they are 50% lighter than glass and much stronger than glass.They are optically crystal clear than the ordinary glasses which have been used to make ordinary windshields.The polycarbonate jeep windshield can be cleaned with the standard glass cleaners and they are also wiper friendly. The installation process do not require very complex tools and machineries.They can be installed just like the ordinary glass.This windshields have been designed specifically for serious off-the road enthusiasts.They don’t need to worry the safety of their windshield since it has been taken care of by the polycarbonate windshields.

The racing cars’ windshield should combine optical clarity,lightweight and strength.The polycarbonate windshield can take care of all these crucial elements.The racing cars are subject to a lot of impacts which an ordinary glass windshield cannot withstand.Having a windshield which is strong and impact resistant ensures that the driver is safe in case of an accident.How do you know that the jeeps windshield is desirable for the intended applications?

Polycarbonate Jeep Windshield

Has the shield passed all the recommended tests?

This equipment is subjected to a number of tests such as the tensile strength,flexibility,optical clarity and all other safety measures which are required.The polycarbonate windshield must pass all the recommended tests to increase its service life.

Does the windshield come with a warranty?

A warranty is a clear indication that the manufacturer trusts the products he/she takes to the market.All jeep windshields come with a warranty.This mostly covers the possibility of the windshield turning yellow. Polycarbonates are affected by ultraviolet radiation.

What are the options available?

There are the pre-cut options which eases the installation process.It cuts the costs for those companies which do not wish incur the expenses associated with in-house processes such as labor.These jeep windows come when they are already fastened on the factory bodies.There are the oversized too.These windshields are formed to factory curvature.The end user can trim it to give it a custom look.

The installation of a polycarbonate jeep windshields are installed in a clean environment which is free from contaminants.The lightweight windshields result into a significant cost savings.This increases fuel efficiency which is the ultimate goal of every driver.Your jeep’s engine will not be overworked since it won’t having a heavy glass windshield.

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