At Excelite Plastics Ltd., you will get the exact design and model outdoor swimming pool enclosure. Whether you need our standard pool enclosures or customized designs. We provide a one-stop shop for all pool enclosure products.

People have different taste and preference. As a company, we have to appreciate this fact and give every individual an opportunity to get what they want to possess.

Broadly, all the existing swimming pool enclosures can be classified as either fixed or retractable. It is upon you to choose the specific type of swimming pool enclosure.

Between these two designs, which one is better?

Well, I can confidently say the retractable outdoor pool enclosures are better than the fixed swimming pool enclosures.

Why do I say so?

Let’s have clear pictures of the two designs:

Outdoor pool enclosures

A fixed swimming pool enclosure

Like the name suggests, the components of this enclosure (both structure and glazing material) are fixed at one point. That is, you can neither move them forward nor backwards. Well, it looks pretty good and protects the swimming pool but, it has some disadvantages that I will explain to you later in this article.

outdoor pool enclosures

Retractable swimming pool enclosures

As you can see, from the above outdoor pool enclosure, you can easily open this cover. That is, the covers can slide over each other creating an outdoor environment.

Like the any outdoor pool enclosure, our retractable swimming pool enclosures are manufactured from extruded aluminum and solid polycarbonate sheet. Therefore, they guarantee the same pool enclosure benefits of as fixed types.

First of all, the only distinct feature is the ability to have an outdoor and indoor environment at any time. The enclosure is designed such that the cover can slide seamlessly on the aluminum rail tracks.

outdoor pool enclosure

Outdoor swimming pool enclosure

As you can see, this outdoor pool enclosure has:

Polycarbonate cover – it is constructed from both aluminum rods and solid polycarbonate sheet. The good side of this is that, by forming polycarbonate sheet, it’s possible to realize any shape. It is for this reason that we have circular, rectangular or triangular shaped covers. You can check out our design ideas.

outdoor pool enclosures

Types of pool enclosure roofing designs

Aluminum rails – the covers normally slide back and forth on these rail systems. The size of the rail will depend on the number of covers.

aluminium profile

Aluminum rail tracking system of swimming pool enclosure

Of course, the design is such that, there are vinyl sweep and anti-dust sealer. Excelite pool enclosures have unique features that guarantee high performance and reliability. The two prevent all foreign materials from getting in the pool. Therefore, it is possible to control the environment within the swimming pool.

Of course, this is what everyone craves for.

Secondly, apart from the ability to have an indoor/outdoor environment, they are also known for their unique appearance.

outdoor pool enclosure

Low profile swimming pool enclosure

That is, they are generally attractive, thus, making them the focal point of your outdoor. All you need to do is choose the pool enclosure design and you will be good to go.

Finally, a retractable outdoor pool enclosure is flexible and convenient. This is because you can open and close the enclosure at the time of convenience.

To enjoy all these benefits, you can go for the high profile swimming pool enclosure. It is spacious and you can have all you need within the pool enclosure.


Though the fixed and retractable outdoor pool enclosure serves the same purpose, going for the latter is a better option. You can enjoy both outdoor and indoor environments besides, the convenience and reliability if offers.