As a rule of thumb, you’d rather stay safe than sorry.

This can save you from both agony and the pain of losing someone when they drown in the swimming pools.

It involves such a simple process, install the retractable pool fences.

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retractable pool fences

Let’s have a look at this statistic to justify the reason why we insist on installing this vital structure:

1.According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 10 people suffer from unintentional drowning and two of them are kids below the age of 14yrs.

From 2005 to 2009, about 3,533 fatal cases were reported in the U.S.

swimming accident

2.Children between the age of 1 and 4yrs drown in home swimming pool.

The same statistics indicate that the leading cause of death of children aged 1 to 3yrs in Australia is swimming pool drowning.

In Bangladesh it accounts for 43%.

In China, this is the leading cause of death and injury while in the United States of America it is the second leading cause of unintentional death within this age group.

This is according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

The report was updated in November, 2014.

As a matter of fact, this is clear evidence of how a luxurious swimming pool can turn into a horrible scene.

But, who is to blame for all these?

The owner of the pool.

inground swimming_pool

Time and again the law enforcement officers talk about taking this essential measure.

Install the polycarbonate pool covers or retractable pool fence instead, people take all this for granted.

What should be done about this?

Since we cannot afford to risk the lives of kids, we must install these structures.

swimming pool enclosure

There are a number of reasons why you should go for Excelite’s pool fence systems and they include:

Professional Installation

By choosing someone with the right training you will be increasing your probability of getting the ultimate product that you require.

Since Excelite began investing in the polycarbonate swimming pool covers, the company has trained a number of their staff in the recommended installation procedures.

They have more than 10 years in this field besides being fully insured.

And by the way, did you know that when a worker gets injured on your property, then you are liable as long as they don’t have the right insurance cover?

Do not settle for less, professionalism is compulsory.

The Self-closing Gate

This is one of the Excelite’s patented feature that you won’t find anywhere.

This gate has a self-closing mechanism.

They do not have any top cross bars, which kids can grab, or hold on as they try to intrude into the swimming pool.

The door is lockable and self-latching.

Climb Resistant

This is yet, another unique feature with these retractable pool fences.

Kids are cunning, they will always climb up the fence to get to the swimming pool whenever you are away.

All the aluminum rods are installed in the interior section of the swimming pool fence.

As a result, they won’t have anything to hold on to hold on to whenever they want to climb the fences.

aluminum extrusions

Secondly, the multiwall polycarbonate cover, has a slippery surface.

Therefore, they can’t have enough grip that can enable them to climb the wall.

Even the screws and plastic washer are designed with a curved surface and they are also tiny.

Thus, they cannot hold them.

In fact, they are so small and fixed to the multiwall polycarbonate sheet to an extent that they cannot even tie a rope and use it to climb up the wall.

A good number of these retractable pool fences are designed with a high wall.

The top section is slightly curved towards the interior of the pool. They can’t reach the top of these fences.

polycarbonate fences

This a very unique design branded as “climb resistant wall” due to these unique features.

You won’t be worried about the kids finding a loop hole to access the swimming pool.


Polycarbonate sheet is strong material.

The aluminum rods and profiles are also strong and durable.

This makes the fences virtually unbreakable.

This not only keeps the pool safe, but also, it can serve you for a very long period of time.

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This essential facility has been designed to be flexible and adaptable in all aspects.

First, the holes that are drilled on the polycarbonate sheet are very small to ensure that they do not damage the decking.

This can allow for easy removal and reinstallation process.

 The Advantages of Retractable Pool Fence

Installing a swimming pool in your yard is a big bonus.

However, to enjoy everything that the pool has to offer you need to install a fence due to the following key benefits:


The essence of safety cannot be emphasized anymore.

It is not negotiable.

You must just ensure that the pool is protected from unauthorized access.

The retractable polycarbonate pool fences are rigid structures that offer the ultimate security to the pool.

Look and Value

These structures can add value to your pool.

They give the pool a stunning look and this is one of the main reasons why the property owners do install these structures when they are just about to sell their property.

Homes with these pool fences are beautiful and expensive.

They are quite a number of luxurious designs.

Easy to Install And Operate

With qualified technicians, the installation process can be easier.

As long as the required track has been installed, fixing the fence can be done within a short period of time.

The retractable pool fence is attached to an electric motor.

Since the movement can be controlled with the help of a switch, it is easier to operate.


In most cases, obtaining the final product can be a tiresome process.

This is the main reason why Excelite insists on installing these fences for all their customers.

These fences have proved to be the surest way to reduce the mortality rate of children who drown every year.

It is an important aspect that should be considered.

Remember, when you install a retractable pool fence, you will be saving the lives of kids within your locality from drowning.

Contact us today and we shall come to your rescue.