Installing lights in a pool enclosure are a better way of adding value to the environment within the swimming pool.

An extended swimming season with pool enclosures will only be possible if you can confidently swim at night.

So, you need to install the right lights.

Below, I will share with you some swimming pool enclosure lighting ideas you should consider:

Choose The Right Light Systems

Normally, people tend to weigh the options between fiber and LED lights.

So far, LED lighting systems have proved to be the best.

Examples of LED for swimming pool ideas

LED lights of different colors

This is basically in terms of:

  1. Efficiency – it can convert about 80% of electrical energy to light.
  2. Long life – more than 100,000 hours
  3. Environmentally friendly – they are free of any toxic chemicals.
  4. No UV emissions since they emit very little infrared.
  5. Low energy consumption.
  6. Can operate at extremely hot or cold temperatures
  7. Instant lighting
  8. Design flexibility

From above, it is quite clear that LED lighting systems can offer a perfect solution to any swimming pool enclosures.

You Must Not Under-light The Swimming Pool Enclosure

You don’t have to install LED lights at one end of the swimming pool hoping to get sufficient light.

Consider balancing all lights depending on the design of your swimming pool enclosure.

Swimming pool enclosure LED lighting ideas

A swimming pool enclosure with few lights appear dim and dull – Houzz

The entire surface should receive an equal amount of light.

Thus, you need to hire a swimming pool enclosure contractor with vast experience in pool enclosure lighting.

LED lights come in a wide range of colors.

The contractor should be able to blend these colors such that, they final lighting systems is attractive or appealing.

Don’t Install Lights on Handles or Near Enclosure Rails

This will eliminate chances of the lights being damaged when opening or closing a retractable swimming pool enclosure.

It is one of those swimming pool enclosures construction mistakes to avoid.

If possible, install all lights at the highest point of the pool enclosure roof where no one can easily reach them.

LED lighting ideas for swimming pool enclosure

LED lights installed on the highest point of the swimming pool enclosure

Remember, various sections of the retractable swimming pool enclosure will be sliding over each other.

Ensure the lights do not get in contact with the sliding frames to avoid damage.

Try LED Lights Facing Each Other

It will help eliminate any imperfections that may be due to shadows.

Try installing the LED lighting systems on either side of the swimming pool enclosure.

When there is illumination coming from opposite sides of the enclosure, the lighting system will appear flawless and smooth.

It is important you explore various swimming pool enclosure design ideas.

Through this, you could get better insights on how to go about the LED light installation process.

Consider The Overall Environment of The Swimming Pool

Does it blend well with the swimming pool lighting systems you have opted for? Should you opt for darker or lighter colors?


The environment around the swimming pool is an important aspect you need to consider.

Well, lighter colors will reflect light. In contrary, darker colors that will only absorb light.

You should consider LED with lighter colors since they are bright and look exciting at night.

Normally, colors play an instrumental role when it comes to having a unique theme around the swimming pool enclosure environment.

You Must Invest in Quality LED Lighting Systems

There are cheap lights available in the market. You should avoid them since they have a short lifespan besides, their colors may fade with time.

It is important you invest in a lighting system that will serve you for at least 100,000 hours.

Remember, this is the lifespan of most LED lighting systems.

Swimminh pool enclosure lighting ideas

Quality LED lights will make the swimming adorable

Go for Your Favorite Colors

Your happiness should be a priority.

What are your favorite colors?

Well, you can list them and share it with your contractor.

He/she should be able to figure a specific blend that will meet your expectations.

All these play a pivotal role when it comes to making a customized swimming pool enclosure.


As a matter of fact, getting the best lighting systems that set the right mood for swimming, while blending well with the environment around the swimming pool can be a challenging task.

You need to work closely with your contractor to get the best lighting system.