Between swimming pool dome and retractable polycarbonate enclosures, I will highly recommend the latter.

swimming pool dome

A retractable swimming pool enclosure

Can you compare the main features of Excelite retractable polycarbonate enclosures and pool dome enclosures?

It is quite clear that polycarbonate enclosures have so many advantages.

First, let’s start with the main features the two share.

Similarities Between Swimming Pool Dome and Polycarbonate Enclosures

Material used to make the structure

First, both retractable enclosures and pool domes are manufactured from aluminum rods.

Thus, they can last for years before you have to replace the cover – over 25 years.

This is what everyone desires.

Material used to make the structure

Aluminum structure of pool enclosure

Secondly, they two serve the same purpose.

That is, protecting swimming pool water from the external environment.

That is, at any given time, you swimming pool will be protected from:

  •    UV radiation that could cause a pH imbalance.
  •    Dust, acid raid, insects and plant parts
  •    Privacy, especially if the covers are tinted.

Apart from these, the swimming pool dome enclosures are cheaper than those constructed from polycarbonate sheet.

However, the cheap cost does not guarantee a lot.

So far, we have only listed about 4 benefits.

But still, the cost of polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures is also affordable, looking at it as a long-term investment.

swimming pool dome

Excelite current price list for polycarbonate enclosures

In the recent past, solid polycarbonate have become a perfect choice for swimming pool enclosures.

This is due to superior physical and chemical properties.

At a retail price of $2,999, you can get a retractable enclosure that can last for 25 years.

Why go for Polycarbonate Swimming Pool Enclosures?

Solid polycarbonate sheet is a perfect choice swimming pool enclosures.

Apart from the three benefits mentioned above, others include:

Strength; solid polycarbonate sheets are stronger than vinyl cover.

It can withstand high magnitude of impact.

This is actually the main reason why it can withstand high wind moving at 230km/hr.

Moreover, it can also withstand a weight of 900kg distributed within a radius of 1.5m radius.

Effective UV filter; the coextruded polycarbonate sheet filter all harmful UV radiations.

Thus, you will save on the cost of chemicals.

UV is responsible for swimming pool water decomposition.

Again, this will also eliminate any possibility of sunburns.

uv_protection for polycarbonate sheet

Polycarbonate sheet filters out harmful UV radiations

Good insulation properties; solid polycarbonate sheets are better insulators than vinyl covers.

Normally, we use an 8mm polycarbonate sheet that retains much heat.

Therefore, you don’t need to heat the swimming pool water.

This will save you on energy costs.

Easy to install; our retractable pool enclosures come with an installation manual.

This makes the installation process easy.

You can complete the installation process within 3 days.

Polycarbonate warranty; we cover all our solid polycarbonate sheet against yellowing.

Normally, the yellowing is due to UV radiation.

All our retractable pool enclosures come with a 15-year warranty.

However, the equipment can serve you for over 25 years.

In short, polycarbonate sheet is far much better than vinyl cover.

You can clearly see this from the example above.

Well, swimming pool domes and retractable polycarbonate enclosures, frames are constructed from extruded aluminum.

Still the structural frame of retractable polycarbonate sheet is more convenient.

swimming pool enclosure from Excelite

That is, you can open or close the entire swimming pool surface within a minute.

No much hustle, you can enjoy swimming in an indoor or outdoor environment.

Can you imagine opening a swimming pool dome enclosure, how long will it take you?

I guess, no one would even wish to think about this.

Basically, it is not worth removing the cover.

It is a laborious process.

For retractable swimming pool enclosures, the pool covers can slide seamlessly over the rail tracking systems.

This makes it easier to operate.

Excelite swimming pool enclosure

Both aluminum and polycarbonate sheet guarantee more security.

That is, the strong structure and lockable door makes it impossible for anyone to break in.

This is not the case for swimming pool dome constructed from vinyl material.

This is yet, another benefit of polycarbonate enclosures.


You can clearly see this for yourself.

Retractable swimming pool enclosures have more benefits as opposed to the pool dome enclosures.

Although the initial investment cost may seem low, you will miss a lot such as the convenience of opening and closing the enclosure and better security.

At Excelite, we strive to make all swimming pool enclosures meet the recommended quality standards.

You can check out our products list.

Definitely, you will get one that meets your specifications.