Let me make this clear, you can either opt for standard or custom pool enclosure designs.

It will all depend on what you want to achieve.

standard swimming pool enclosure

In this article, I will help you make an informed decision by comparing the two options available.

So, it will be upon you to consider what you give much consideration.

I will consider all the vital aspects of these retractable pool enclosures.

So, let me begin by giving a clear difference between these types of pool enclosures.

What is a Standard Swimming Pool Enclosure Design?

These are enclosures that are not designed for a particular swimming pool.

An aerial view of these enclosures reveals a rectangular shape.

That is, an equipment with both length and width.

importing swimming pool enclosure kits from China

As you can see, different shapes of swimming pools can fit in standards swimming pool enclosures. Generally, these enclosures are rectangular in shape

Normally, this is what happens:

Whether you have a round, curved or hexagonal swimming pool, we shall make it fit within a rectangular pool enclosures.

This implies, the main technical specifications of a pool enclosure you need to highlight when placing an order are length and width.

Of course, the height will be an important aspect whether you need a high or low profile pool enclosure.

What is a Custom Pool Enclosure?

In custom pool enclosure design, it is upon the end user (in this case you), to specify the exact dimensions and the overall design of the pool enclosure.

Basically, these are enclosures that are adapted to the exact shape and dimensions of the swimming pool.

That is, you have all the freedom to give it a unique shape, color or any other decoration that meets your requirements.

Patio Enclosure

A customized pool enclosure with LED light systems

For a fact, you will have a unique equipment that is tailored for your swimming pool.

A customized swimming pool enclosure is an important tool for those in the marketing industry.

They can use it for branding purposes.

So, the question is, which one should you go for?

Well, there is a wide range of factors you need to consider.

These include:

The Average Cost of the Pool Enclosure

Quite a number of people assume that the cost of standard pool enclosures is high.

This is not the case.

For a fact, we have reduced our pool enclosure prices.

For only $2,999, you can get a retractable polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure.

Choose Excelite standard swimming pool enclosure here.

choose the swimming pool enclosure

So far, we are the only company that sells quality pool enclosures (extruded aluminum and solid carbonate sheets) at affordable prices.

This has really benefited our customers in both Europe and North America.

Unlike the standard designs, custom pool enclosures are slightly expensive.

This is due to the fabrication process involved.

Remember, this is a situation where you expect to have an oval or trapezoidal pool enclosure.

Furthermore, we need to conceptualize the designs based on your technical specifications.

For a fact, it involves a lot of processes, thus, you should expect to pay slightly more than the standard designs.

A technical drwaing of an aluminum pool enclosure

A technical drawing for a custom swimming pool enclosure

Of course, we can design and fabricate one for you depending on the technical specifications.

NOTE: It will be better to go for standard pool designs if you are working on a limited budget.

This will save you a reasonable amount of money.

Type of Material Used for Pool Enclosure

Let me be clear on this, whether you go for a standard or customized swimming pool enclosure, we shall still use a solid polycarbonate sheet and extruded aluminum.

pool enclosure kits

This does not change whatsoever.

So, there should be no panic as far as the choice of materials is concerned.

swimming pool enclosure intalling in Africa

A technician installing pool enclosure

However, there is one simple fact that I want all our customers to understand.

All standard swimming pool enclosure designs feature a simple style or shape.

This makes them reasonably cheap, high quality and effective.

At times, we have seen a number of clients coming with very complex designs.

You will find that some require a lot of reinforcement.

This implies, you will need more materials, hence, a high cost of construction.

So, in case you need a custom pool enclosure, feel free to contact our team.

We shall help you in the design process.

Ease or Difficulty in the Installation Process

As you can see, our pool enclosure installation manual is simple and easy to understand.

It is a process that you can accomplish within two or three days.

I want you to get this right, this does not imply that custom pool enclosures are difficult to install.

No, this argument does not hold.

However, it is important to note that, the complexity or difficulty in the installation process will depend on the design.

custom pool enclosure - installation process going on

A polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure

For a fact, it is laborious to install a custom pool enclosure with a complex design than a simple one.

At times, you may be forced to hire a technician to help you in the installation process.

So, before you go for a design, you need to put this into consideration too.

Care and Maintenance of a Pool Enclosure

Well, it will be cumbersome to wash a pool enclosure with varying roofing designs.

That is, one that feature more than three or four geometrical shapes.


outdoor swimming pool enclosures

Normally, it may involve a lot of processes that will not be economical.

This is unlike the semicircular shape where water can easily flow down the edges of the pool enclosure.

In short, it is easy to clean or maintaining a simple design that complex swimming pool enclosures.

Performance and Reliability of The Pool Enclosure

Again, here, whether you go for the standard or custom designs, performance and reliability will remain the same.

Quality manufacturing process is an integral aspect at Excelite Plastics Ltd.

It is for this reason that we cross check every product before packaging.

No wonder, we guarantee a 15 year warranty for all our swimming pool enclosures.

Excelite Pool enclosure from Poland client

In short, you can confidently order for a swimming pool enclosure of choice.

Whether it is a standard of custom pool enclosure.


One clear fact we have to admit is that the custom pool enclosures are available thou at an extra cost.

This will mainly depend on the complexity of your designs.

Again, for people who like unique, custom designs are viable options.

So, do you have any design in mind? You can contact Excelite technical team today.

We shall help you in the design process.