Installing screen enclosures around an existing swimming pool or a new swimming pool involves a lot work.

Most people give up along the way.

Others have ended up messing up the entire swimming pool deck, thus, they are forced to build a new one.

Below are important procedures that will help you prepare and successfully install screen enclosures around your pool.

outdoor swimming pool enclosures

Mark The Area You Want Screen Enclosure to Cover

Whether you will be installing the enclosure around a new or existing swimming pool, you must mark the exact area you’d wish the enclosure to cover.

You should ensure there is an allowance between the edge of the pool and enclosure.

Mark exact points to install screen pool enclosure

Clear mark exact sections to install screen pool enclosure

That is, you may need to leave an allowance of about 2 meters or more.

This allowance may vary depending on how you want to design the swimming pool.

That is, you may wish to install some chairs, wooden bed, fountain or plants around your swimming pool.

All these will require more space.

Again, this will basically increase the size of the enclosure.

In addition to these, you should also have an extra space.

Residential Swimming Pool Enclosure

Get to Know The Material Used to Make The Deck

Materials used to construct a swimming pool deck plays an integral role too.

This is because the deck should be able support the weight of the swimming pool enclosure.

You need to understand how various swimming pool decks are constructed.

There is a lot of information about swimming pool deck ideas.

At times, you may be required to reinforce specific locations the swimming pool screen enclosure will be installed.

This is to ensure the enclosure remains firmly installed on the deck.

Most swimming pool decks are constructed from the following materials:

Poured Concrete Decks

They are inexpensive, quick to install and can be adapted to nearly all environments.

These swimming pool decks are strong and can withstand the weight of any pool enclosure.

At times, they can be decorated either by stamping or staining.

Section of concrete pool deck under constrction

Section of concrete pool deck under construction

Wooden Swimming Pool Decks

Most of these decks are constructed from ipe, mahogany, redwood or cedar.

Apparently, most swimming pool construction companies are adopting composite woods.

pool cover

Section of a wooden pool deck with a pool enclosure installed

Of course, this makes the swimming pool environment look natural.

However, these woods must be treated with preservative to make them weather resistant.

To install a screen enclosure on wooden decks, you will require additional reinforcement.

Tile Swimming Pool Deck

Remove the tile on the exact location a pool structure reaches the ground.

In most cases, tiles are mostly installed on an existing concrete.

By removing the tiles, you will basically be installing the structure on the concrete.

swimming pool enclosure from Excelite

Stone Pool Decking

These are mainly natural stones.

They are durable, natural and equally stronger like the concrete decks.

Stone swimming pool deck

Stone swimming pool enclosure deck

In short, you need to assess the condition of the swimming pool deck.

Try to gauge its strength – whether it can support the weight of the screen enclosure.

Outline Exact Point Screen Enclosure Should Cover

To avoid unnecessary destruction on the swimming pool deck, take price measurements of where you need to install the enclosure.

Use recommended tools and equipment to drill holes in the deck.

Remember, different materials will require specialized tools.

So, choose your tools depending on the type of material.

Also, remember to wear safety gear.

This is to avoid particles from bouncing back into your eye.

Budget And Plan Properly

You can’t go about this process without a proper plan and budget.

This will include both the cost of materials and technical expertise.

Budgeting or planning for a screen enclosure construction is a tiresome process.

It requires somebody with experience in the swimming pool enclosure installation.


The nature of swimming pool deck (material) will determine the cost of installation and reinforcement required.

Asses and mark out the swimming pool deck before you begin the installation process.