Kids love to splash around swimming pools.

In fact, with a pool dome, they will enjoy swimming both during summer and winter – increasing swimming season.

Swimming Pool Dome

Lock your swimming pool enclosure always to save kids from drowning

In the past, homeowners could install swimming pool dome covers at their discretion.

So far, this has changed.

Apparently, there are swimming pool rules and regulations that compel every homeowner to install a swimming pool enclosure.

This is due to the increasing number of kids who drown in swimming pools according to a report published by the CDC.

So, whenever you opt to install a swimming pool enclosure, you are not doing it to comply with building standards, but to save your kids.

Swimming Pool Dome Safety Tips

The following tips will help you reduce the chances of unintentional drowning, which is common among most children.

Since swimming pool dome enclosures are not as strong as the polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures, you need to take additional measures to guarantee safety of other pol users.

As a matter of fact, most pool domes have a zipper, which kids can easily open to access swimming pool area.

There are very many types of pool domes, choose one that is strong.

Swimming can be deadly, if the kid doesn’t know how to swim.

It is even worse if there is no adult within the vicinity.

So, here what you should do:

  1. Teach your kids about swimming pool safety

It is the responsibility of every parent to ensure that kids are well conversant with all swimming pool safety regulations.

Remember, drowning is one of the leading cause of death for children between the age of 1 and 4 years old.

swimming pool dome

Parents safely swimming with their kids

As a general rule, kids should only swim in areas that are designated for them.

Furthermore, kids should enroll for swimming pool lessons first before getting an accessing the swimming pool.

Let your kids understand that they should not go near water without an adult present.

Teach them good swimming ethics, precautions and safety measures.

  1. Active supervision is mandatory when the kids are swimming

You must give all kids undivided attention whenever they are swimming around the pool area.

Whenever they are in the swimming pool, you should be within the arm’s reach.

swimming pool dome

Don’t let your kids jump in swimming pool alone. Hold their hands.

A divided attention may result in serious accidents and in the worst case death.

Remember, this is common among kids under the age of 7 years, according to new research.

This what we don’t want to happen to your kids.

Don’t assume that your kid is experienced enough to swim alone.

This will be a big mistake.

  1. Remove the swimming pool ladder

Do you have an above the ground swimming pool dome?

Well, you can control accessibility of your swimming pool by removing the ladder.

You buy a retractable ladder whereby, the outside ladder rungs pull up when closing down the pool for the day.

swimming pool dome

Above the ground swimming pool ladder

This way, it will be nearly impossible for kids to access the swimming pool area without an adult being around.

  1. You can consider setting up a pool fence

In most states within the U.S., it is mandatory for a swimming pool to have a pool fence.

Remember, there is a minimum requirement that a pool fence should meet.

That is, the minimum distance from the swimming pool and the height.

Of course, kids should not be able to climb or jump over the fence.

swimming pool dome

A swimming pool gate

Moreover, the swimming pool dome should have a lockable gate.

This will prevent kids from opening it thus, inability to access the swimming pool.

  1. You should have life-saving equipment on hand

Ensure your kids wear life vest during any swimming session.

To ensure they use this equipment effectively, it is important that you train them when they are toddlers.

That is, you may consider a swimsuit.

This will help your kids stay above the water surface, hence, reducing the possibility of drowning.

swimming pool dome

A child using swimming pool safety equipment

A life-saving equipment is an important safety measure that you must not ignore any given point.

Just ensure that your kids remain above the water surface.

Again, having a swimsuit does not mean they you should sit back and relax, no. Ensure kids are under strict and active supervision at all times.

  1. Install an alarm at the entrance of your swimming pool domes

A swimming pool should have an alarm as an additional security and safety measure.

As per most regulations and ASTM standards, this is mainly a requirement for those swimming pool dome enclosures without a fence.

However, for an enhanced security, you may have the fence, pool dome cover and alarm.

At no given time will the kids evade all these security measures without being noticed.

In most cases, these alarms come in the form of motion sensors.

  1. Devise a locking mechanism for swimming pool dome door

It is possible to design a strong door and locking systems for your pool.

That is, you may have a vinyl dome cover with a polycarbonate door.

A combination of polycarbonate and aluminum doors are virtually unbreakable.

The door is also fitted with a childproof locking mechanism.

Swimming pool enclosure door locking mechanism

Swimming pool door locking system

In such situations, no kids can access the swimming pool without your permission.

  1. Conduct regular inspection of your dome pool cover

With time, the enclosure system may become weak, thus, one can access the swimming pool area without necessarily using the door.

Normally, the weakness may be due to improper handling of the swimming enclosure.

As a security measure, ensure every section is firmly tightened with no weakness.

It is advisable to go about such inspection during swimming pool enclosure cleaning process.

With all these pool dome safety measures, you should be able to save your kids from drowning.

Always remember to close the swimming pool area and don’t allow anyone to access it without your permission.

Swimming pool drowning comes with a lot of agony and pain.

Remember, if it’s a public swimming pool, as the owner, you will be held accountable in case one drowns.

So, what are you waiting for?

Install a dome pool enclosure and observe all the necessary safety measures.


Over 97% of drowning incident can be prevented only if you observe these simple safety measures.

I know your kids will hate you for being strict, but, it’s okay.

All these are for their own good – life.