The new generation of swimming pool enclosure systems features a wide range of technological advancements.

swimming pool enclosure from Excelite

This not only guarantees optimal performance, but also reliability and safety.

Basically, they are easy to use as the enclosure system moves completely smooth.

There is no risk of it blocking or failing.

Flexibility and convenience of swimming pool
These new innovations have been witnessed in:

1. Glazing Material

Quite a number of modern swimming pool enclosures are manufactured from polycarbonate sheet.

This is due to the desirable properties of polycarbonate materials.

That is, they can be formed easily, block UV radiation, excellent insulators, dimensional stability, shatterproof and impact resistant.

With the advanced machineries, companies are able to manipulate the sheet to take any shape.

They can be tinted to reduce the degree of light transmission.

Furthermore, their surface can also be printed, mainly for decoration purposes.

pool cover with polycarbonate surface

2. Swimming Pool Enclosure structure

So far, aluminum rods are a perfect choice for this application.

This because of: resistance to corrosion, light weight, strength and reliability.

To improve its performance characteristics, most manufacturers have adopted different metal processing techniques such as:

  • Anodizing – improves corrosion resistance capability of the overall structure.
  • Powder coating – to ensure color harmony while improving corrosion and ultraviolet resistance.
  • Other surface treatment includes chemical treatment, lamination and hard anodizing.

These are the basic sections that make a polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure.

However, this will not guarantee its the overall effectiveness and reliability of this equipment.

Quite a number of these technologies are already incorporated in the traditional design of the swimming pool enclosures.

Such kinds of pool enclosure systems include the retractable systems.

Let us review these technological advancements:

Unique guiding system

Usually, for the retractable swimming pool enclosures, there should be guiding systems where the cover will slide through.

With these designs, these covers can smoothly slide freely without the risk of blocking.

They are designed with automatic lock that are magnetically operated.

That is, the locking mechanism is triggered by the magnet.