Telescopic pool enclosure safety is a major concern, especially with an increase in the number of people who drown every year.

This is according to a report that was published by the CDC on swimming pool drowning.

Outdoor Swimming Pool Enclosures

A child cries helplessly after falling in a swimming pool without an enclosure

It is for this reason that Excelite Plastics Ltd. team has been championing for swimming pool safety.

So far, we have managed to reach out to most of our swimming pool enclosure clients.

Moreover, we have noted with great concern the high demand for a complete guide to telescopic pool enclosure tips.

This is exactly what I intend to share with you in this article.

So, what are these essential factors you should consider to ensure all pool users are safe at all time?

Background Information on Swimming Pool Accidents

Each day, about 10 people die due to unintentional drowning.

For example, in the United States alone, unintentional drowning ranks 5th among the main causes of unintentional injury deaths.

Most of these victims are kids below the age of 14 years old.

To make it worse, those who survive tend to suffer from various complications such as permanent brain damage. This is due to lack of oxygen.


A child playing with swimming pool water. He risks falling in the swimming pool and this could make him drown.

As a matter of fact, children within this age tend to be active and curious.

They want to learn almost everything within a day.

They can manage to open the telescopic pool enclosures (without locks).

Unfortunately, when they fall in the water, they suddenly become helpless.

Thus, they will ultimately die in the pool without anyone realizing.

swimming accident - telescopic pool enclosures

A child struggles to make his way after falling in water. Swimming pool accidents are really devastating

The good news is, together we can prevent this from happening.

This can only be possible by adopting the following key procedures:

  1. Active supervision
  2. Installing safety barriers or enclosures
  3. Adopting additional safety measures

Safety tip #1: Active Supervision

You can’t consider this a “normal” supervision.

Kids around or in the swimming pool can drown within a short time.

In fact, you won’t notice that it has happened.

It is this simple, all kids must be kept in direct sight at all times.

swimming pool dome

A child swimming with a safety gear. This reduces chances of drowning.

To achieve this, there are a number of things you need to consider and these include:

1. Don’t Leave a Child Around the Swimming Pool Alone

Don’t even think about it.

As a matter of fact, this is considered an ill motive.

Your child will obviously drown.

Remember, kids below the age of 14 years old are curious.

Moreover, they will always wish to try out everything they see adults do.

It is this simple, don’t leave a child around or near a swimming pool even for 5 seconds.

Remember, if an accident occurs, you will be held accountable.

It is your responsibility to ensure kids’ safety around pools at all times.

2. Keep All Kids in Direct Sight at All Times

Whether it is a residential or commercial swimming pool, you must keep them in direct sight.

This is the only way you will be able to notice any abnormal behavior that may lead to drowning.

You need to employ an experienced individual to do this.

Since you cannot avoid swimming pool accidents at times, no matter how keen or cautious you are, it is important to have all first aid kits.

3. Close All Entrance And Exit Routes at All Times

Controlling accessibility of the swimming pool is also an important part of active supervision.

In fact, it forms an integral part of the telescopic pool enclosure safety.

The telescopic swimming pool enclosures come with lockable doors.

telescopic swimming pool enclosures

Whenever you are away, all doors or any entrance must be locked.

If possible, you can install a swimming pool alarm.

It should conform to the ASTM requirements.

You may consider closing these exit and entrance points even when you are in the swimming pool area.

4. Have a Realistic Swimming Schedule

You need to define the exact times kids should use the swimming pool.

This will make the entire process of supervising kids more convenient.

After all, you have other things to do.

Train your kids to follow this schedule too.

swimming pool enclosures

A family swimming together at the most convenient time.

For a fact, you don’t have to take toddlers to the pool all the time. But, a schedule will save you a lot.

5. What Should You do When a Child is Missing?

Your first stop should be the swimming pool area.

Remember, in such situations, every second counts.

Time wasted can cost you the life of your kids. The faster you respond the better.

6. Have All Rescue Equipment Ready

Well, swimming should be fun, however, if misfortune happens then you should have the capability to handle the situation accordingly.

This will only be possible if you have all rescue equipment ready.

As I had mentioned earlier, a first aid kit, cordless phone and safety rings, are some of the crucial things you should have in place.

Telescopic pool enclosure - first aid kit

A first aid kit is a must when if comes to active supervision around swimming pool enclosure.

7. Guiding And Teaching Kids of Safety Measures

Some of these swimming pool accidents can be spontaneous.

So, it will be better if you guide and teach kids on appropriate safety measures they should observe.

That is, how to handle the situations at hand.

This may involve specialized training.


Always be ready to hold their hands and teach them how to swim.

In short, active supervision when it comes to telescopic pool enclosure safety is not just a matter of sitting at one point watching the kids.

It involves cultivating the culture of staying safe while in the swimming pool.

When you observe the above seven points, you kids will definitely be safe at all times.

Safety tip #2: Installing Telescopic Pool Enclosure/Barriers

You should install a telescopic pool enclosure.

Basically, they will act as a barrier between the swimming pool area and the external environment.

outdoor swimming pool enclosures

They we design telescopic pool enclosures such that they cover the entire surface of the swimming pool.

As you can see from our swimming pool enclosure designs, they are constructed from extruded aluminum rods with one entrance.

Of course, some may have ventilation systems.

With a good our telescopic swimming pool enclosure, you will have full control over this facility.

Thus, you will have a peace of mind since there will be no need to worry about intruders or pool privacy.

But, how can a telescopic pool enclosure guarantee safety?

1. It should have a locking mechanism

This is the very first component you must consider.

Without a locking mechanism, then anybody can access the swimming pool area.

This will definitely increase the chances of accidents.

Remember, this is what we are trying to avoid.

Telscopic pool enclosure door

A telescopic pool enclosure with a self-latching door

If they have a self-closing or a self-latching mechanism the better.

This implies, even if you forget to lock the door, it will automatically lock itself.

Therefore, it will make it impossible for kids to access.

Remember, the position of the locking mechanism is also an important aspect to consider.

That is, it should out of the reach of your kids.

This implies, you will be the only person who will open and close it.

Always assess the condition of the lock to ensure it is not faulty.

A faulty lock is as good as not having it.

2. Go for only approved telescopic pool enclosures

Quality is an integral part when considering the type of pool enclosures to buy.

Only quality pool enclosures will guarantee safety.

Excelite pool enclosure

At Excelite Plastics, we have adopted a unique manufacturing process that with an aim of producing the best products in the market.

You can review features of Excelite pool enclosures, I am sure you can’t find this anywhere.

3. Follow the recommended installation procedure

All our telescopic pool enclosures come with an installation manual.

Proper installation will ensure your pool enclosure remains strong, thus, no one can access it without authorization.

residential pool enclosure

The installation of a high profile swimming pool enclosure

Moreover, this will ensure proper reinforcement of every section of the swimming pool enclosure.

In such situations, your pool enclosure will neither be blown away by wind nor collapse when subjected to heavy snow load.

4. Adopt a proper care and maintenance procedure

Well, all telescopic pool enclosures are designed to last for more than 25 years.

But, how will this be possible if you don’t have a proper pool enclosure maintenance program?

You need to keep it clean and ensure every section is functioning as stated in the product manual.

With these in mind, your telescopic swimming pool enclosure should guarantee safety at all cost.

Always remember the following: proper installation procedure, maintenance, quality and locking the door will guarantee safety.

Safety tip #3: Additional Safety Tips

In addition to these two swimming pool safety tips, you may consider the following too.

They will help to have full control of the swimming pool area, thus, an improved safety measure.

These include:

1. Adopt more than one safety technique

Well, a lockable telescopic pool enclosure may seem sufficient.

However, installing swimming pool fence will also improve safety.

That is, one has to open the gate of a pool fence before accessing that of the enclosure.

swimming pool dome

A child trying to climb a swimming pool fence

Remember, there are rules and regulations on how to install a swimming pool fence.

This will prevent kids from accessing the swimming pool area.

2. Teach children how to respond to emergencies

Well, for toddlers, this is basically impossible.

However, for kids between the age of 4 years and 14 years, this is quite possible.

They should also learn to dial 9-1-1 to report this matter or alert the public that there is something wrong.

This will hasten the rescue operation.

3. No trees or anything a child can climb around the pool area

At times, kids may use other means to jump over the swimming pool fence.

In worse scenarios, they may try to access the swimming pool through the ventilation systems.

For this reason, you must ensure there is no object left around the swimming pool that kids can use to access the swimming pool area.

There should be only one entrance, and if possible, an exit. They should remain locked at all times.

4. Have restrictions on minimum age one is allowed to access the swimming pool

Although most parents take with them small kids to the swimming pool, this may not be right.

It is highly recommended that only those kids with a minimum age of 4 years should be allowed to access the swimming pool area.

With these 4 precautions, you should be able to enjoy your time in the swimming pool without worrying about the possibility of accidents.


Safety is an integral aspect for any individual who owns a swimming pool.

Remember, installing a telescopic pool enclosures not only extends the swimming season, but guarantees the safety of all pool users.